63 National Teacher's Day Memes That Only Educators Will Understand


Becoming a teacher is something people are often born to do, but that doesn't make it any easier. With the low pay, the tough hours, and the sheer pressure of preparing the future minds of the world, it's no wonder that there's an entire week to celebrate teachers. While you may have some insight into what a teacher goes through, there are some National Teacher's Day memes that only educators will understand and they will make you cringe.

I mean, hats off to all the teachers, am I right? There's no way I could do it. I don't have the patience, but I also don't have the desire. Teachers aren't teachers because there's a ton of money in the profession. They are teachers because they're passionate about their subject, about leading and mentoring kids, and about sharing the power of knowledge.

But there are so many little things that get in the way of teachers simply doing their jobs. Like copiers always being jammed so they can never get enough worksheets for the class which puts their entire lesson plan in jeopardy. Or the kids whose parents are convinced they're perfect, so how dare a teacher give them an F in class. And nothing obliterates a teacher's morale like a standardized test being forced on the whole class as a means of measuring the skills of the educator.

In honor of National Teacher Appreciation Week, here are 63 memes that will make you want to hug your kid's teacher and pick them up a giant cup of coffee.

1They Make A Mighty Big Difference

And I'm sure they have to remind themselves of this daily in order to make it.

2Weekends Are Life

You get to eat hot food today, too! Score.

3Education Is Where It All Begins

I mean, not to put any pressure on you or anything.

4Then Everyone Laughed & Laughed

Literally, no one.

5Feeling All Verklempt

Hey, that's what it's all about, right?

6Happy Friday, Teachers!

You're probably not moving for a few hours, so I'll just leave this here.

7Truth Bomb

But you know, blame the teacher for being "mean" if it makes you feel better.

8Stay Right There!

It will be gone before you know it, but go get it anyway!

9A Nice Guideline To Follow

Standardized testing, needing an extra day to complete a project, being told you have parking lot duty — it works for all occasions!

10Literally, No Time

Summer is all about that recreational reading and Netflix, y'all.


It's quite the transformation to see.

12Don't Toy With Me

Granted, the laminator's probably not even working, so no worries.

13What Supplies?

When you have to bring in your own supplies from home just to make it through the work day, you might be a teacher.

14I Don't Have These At Home, People!

Like there's only one teacher using a whiteboard. The nerve.

15Still Waiting

This could literally take years.

16Every Teacher Every Weekend

Just do it on Monday.

17But I Have Scantrons

Just the essentials for a day of molding the minds of the future, no big deal.

18Stop Talking To Me, Children

Just pay attention for the love of God.

19Turned Up

And by turned up, I'm talking about the volume on Netflix.

20Who Uses Yellow Anyway?

Not like your students would read what you wrote anyway.

21I Came In Like An Inspiration

And now I just want to lay here until everything stops hurting.

22Quick, HIDE

Especially if their kid is failing your class.

23Also Should've Showed Your Work

Just sip your tea and smile.

24How Can You Prepare Them With No Time?

Don't forget to make sure they're ready for all of those tests!

25Time For A Nap Then

I give up.

26So All Of You Then

Have a drink or two or three.

27It's The Only Explanation

It's a wonder these kids make it home at the end of the day.

28Every Teacher Ever

Don't mind me, just waiting for summer.

29Come Again For Big Fudge?

Oh, now they're quiet. OK.

30Teachers Have Bladders Like Hot Air Balloons

Never any time to pee. Ever.

31Put Down The Glitter

You have enough tubs to hold all of those missing markers, OK?

32When You Can Hear Them In The Hall

And you just know the day is going to suck.

33Ain't Nobody Got Time For Plagiarism

Literally no time.

34You Look Great!

Not tired or stressed or worried at all!

35Ugh, 'Old Yeller' Is The Worst

Teachers have emotions too, you know!

36The Struggle Is Real

You bought all of that bread and milk and eggs for nothing.

37I Even Wore Black

The whole school shut down! You don't have to make up anything!

38No Really Why

Because you know your kids are focused and not at all acting like wild people.

39It's Called Working, Child

You've also had this deadline for like six weeks now. Get it together.

40You Is Right

But you're also making a huge difference to your kiddos, so keep on keeping on!

41Very Tricky Business

Just put them all in their own little bubble, OK?

42But How Do They Have So Much Eraser Left

Your poor pencil sharpener. I'm so sorry.

43I Wasn't Listening Either

I'm not allowed to repeat things, sorry about that.

44Oh Hi, Bestie

Anyone with caffeine is my friend.

45A Perpetual Countdown

It started on the first day of school, didn't it?

46Go On Field Trips, They Said

It'll be fun, they said!

47You're Going To Be There Until 3:00

It will never kick in, sorry.

48You Should Pretend To Keep Working

And leave me alone.

49It's Called Rhetorical

And it's also called high school teaching.

50No But Seriously

I stole those from home and everything.

51Thanks For All The Gray Hair

As Olaf sings, you can finally do what you want in summer. Like ignoring all of the questions.

52A Constant Struggle

I mean, am I right or am I right?

53Thanks, Government!

Teaching is just so fun and enriching!

54Every Single Time

It's like having one of your own students in there!

55It Burns

All of it burns. Even the good parts.

56But Without The Snobby Voice

More like a burned-out, exhausted, over-it voice.

57Straight Face Emoji

You do know I'm right here, right? I can answer questions.

58The Daily Nightmare

And apparently no one ever knows how to fix it.

59Chug All The Coffee

And it's still not enough, is it?

60You Know Those Parents

The ones that come to parent-teacher conferences and say, "Well he never acts like this at home!" Ugh.

61Yay Germs!

All teachers need a first aid kit, but just fill it with cold medicine for yourself.

62It's Called Dedication, OK?

With a healthy dose of insanity.

63Especially When You Make So Little Of It

Oh the expenses of being a teacher. And I don't just mean the mental ones.