7 Avocado Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women Because This Opportunity Comes Once In A Lifetime

Being pregnant during the fall gives women lots of unique chances that aren't possible during other times of the year. For one thing, maternity sweaters are way cuter than other maternity clothes. Pumpkin spice tastes even better, and you're finally not dying of heat stroke whenever you step outside. But perhaps the best thing about being pregnant during the month of October is the chance to get creative with your Halloween costume for the year. Although your bump may feel limiting, there are some solid ideas that you don't want to miss. Take avocado costumes for pregnant women, for example. They're as hilarious, creative, and culturally relevant as costumes come.

Layering a fitted green top with the belly cut out over a fitted brown tank as Julianne Smith of The Garter Girl did is just one clever way to get your avocado on this Halloween, but of course there are many other ways to pay homage to this popular fruit. And whether you're a fan of the fruit or not (yes, I had to Google whether or not every millennials' favorite food was a fruit or a veggie), you have to admit that it's conveniently shaped quite similarly to your growing bump, and can be as easy as whipping up a serving of avocado toast.

So pull up a chair, grab a bowl of chips and guac (for research purposes, obviously) and plan out the perfect avocado pregnancy costume.


Baby = Chip, Mama = Guac

If you're hoping to put a twist on the standard avocado costume, dress yourself as the guacamole and your sweet little bump as the chip.

For this costume, your bump will be dressed as the guacamole. Put on a green dress ($10, Kohls) and stagger pieces of red and purple fabric around your belly to represent the tomatoes and red onions of your artisanal dip.

For the chips, cut out triangles from a poster board and paint them tan. Position them around your bump. Maybe cut a bite mark out of one too.


Simple Avocado Suit

If you disregard the adult male in the photo, it's apparent that this avocado costume ($40, Halloween Costumes) can work for any gender, or belly size. Add a pair of black leggings ($15, H&M) and you're all set.


DIY Avocado Suit

DIY-ing your own avocado suit is perhaps a cuter and more affordable route. Follow this tutorial from the blog Hello, Wonderful to make an adorable avocado cutout to wear this Halloween.

Under your avocado, wear a brown dress ($43, Vertbaudet) and whatever other avocado paraphernalia you can scrounge up. Match your lip to the dress if you want to add a glam touch.



If you'd rather wear a costume that's inspired by the avocado, as opposed to dressing up as the fruit itself, here's a simple (and hilarious) avocado dress ($42, Red Bubble) and avocado maternity t-shirt ($25, Blue09) that show you're team avocado. Just pair them with a pair of leggings.


Friend Costume: Avocado And Egg

If you just happen to be pregnant at the same time as a friend, why not dress up as the most powerful breakfast duo: an egg with avocado. For the basics, you'll need a yellow maternity shirt ($18, H&M) and a green maternity shirt ($8, Walmart). From there, follow this tutorial from Brit + Co. to create egg and avocado cutouts very similar to the tutorial above.


Avocado Toast

Not surprisingly, the trendiest food also makes a great costume if you're pregnant. Find a green maternity dress ($28, Target), create a toast cut out using a square piece of cardboard with a hole for your belly, and grab a bottle or sriracha or maybe even a sriracha hat ($25, Forever 21) for a spicy finish.


Family Breakfast Costume

If you're making it a family affair, dress up your entourage as a full breakfast spread. You, of course, should be the avocado (using any of the above tutorials), and your partner, kids and pets can dress as a slice of toast, eggs, and even a glass of juice. Hello, Wonderful has a great tutorial for getting the entire family involved using foam boards and paint to create each part of the meal.

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