a baby girl and a dog sitting on a carpet
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Whatever Babies, Everybody Knows You Stole These Fashion Trends From Dogs

When you bring home your human baby, chances are your fur child will, at some points, get a little less attention than they did before. But babies take more than Mom and Dad's attention away from the family pup; there are plenty of fashion trends babies have stolen from dogs, too. (Which probably leaves Buddy thinking, "What the heck, kid?! First you take the all of the attention, now this?")

You knew that getting your dog ready for a new baby to come home would require some preparation. The American Kennel Club recommends playing recorded baby sounds and using your newborn's lotions and soaps to get your pup used to the smell. Once at home, be sure to introduce them slowly and give your pup plenty of attention when the baby is around. But what the AKC doesn't say to prepare for is the fact that baby will be stealing Fido's *lewks* in a matter of months.

Now, to be fair, babies and dogs have always been around each other. It's not like one came first and gets to claim all the credit for these trends. But some of them were definitely started by dogs (see: floor pillows), while others just make way more sense on dogs than they do on babies. While they both look pretty darn cute, here are the pieces babies have been stealing right off the canine runway.


Bandana Bibs

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Bandana bibs are like a traditional bib's hipster cousin. They're way cuter, look like part of your baby's outfit, and come in a ton of patterns and colors. But who rocked bandanas first? Doggos definitely started this one.




Rescue and hiking dogs have been packing their own necessities through the terrain for ages. But now babies think they can serve adorable backpack looks even better?! The audacity. That said, all the unicorn and bumblebee backpacks in the littles’ clothing section are pretty cute.


Food Costumes


Target carried tons of food costumes for adults and littles this year, from tacos and hot dogs to cookies and milk. But the humble dachshund started the hot dog costume idea many moons ago, and it remains a classic doggy costume to this day. Not that baby wouldn't make a precious ballpark Frank, but credit where credit is due, y'know?


Name Tags


Rover’s collar has a little metal tag on it that lists his name and his parent’s phone number juuust in case he wanders off. Babies have effectively done the same thing with all these baby name necklaces. Yes, the trend is worn by moms, but this way your baby knows you’ll never get too far…


Snow Boots


Come on, who’s actually doing the walking around here? Doggos rock snow boots in the winter to protect their paw pads from cold and frosty conditions. Babies wear snow boots to look cuter, but they won’t come in handy for a year or so.




Ah, yes, the theme park harness and leash on the toddler. Everyone can agree this idea definitely came from Fido and Fluffy. That said, it is pretty helpful...


Floor Pillows


Alright, this one is more of a home decor item, but really with the baby floor pillows? Doggos have been sleeping in style on the floor since the dawn of time, and here come babies trying to cop their swag. Floral, plaid, and chevron cushions have been done by Buster!