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7 Barack Obama Halloween Costume Ideas For Babies, Because You're Feeling Nostalgic

If you're feeling nostalgic for American politics circa 2008 to 2016, why not channel these feelings into your baby's Halloween costume? The Obama costume ideas for babies are all adorable, and chances are no one else will have a similar look this year. You can craft a political costume for your baby that will almost certainly sidestep any of the controversies that can sometimes come with political costumes.

By relying on iconic photographs, images, and even memes, these Obama costumes are all in good spirits and appropriate for most any baby. (Seriously: the same cannot be said for all political garb that comes in infant sizes.) Although they may lightly tease the former president's clothing options or candid facial expressions, none of these costumes are intended to convey serious, biting political satire. Rather, they're more of a commentary on the way #44 influenced pop culture.

In addition, these looks are all pretty easy to throw together. In fact, you may already have some perfect costume accessories on hand with your regular baby outfits. For the most part, a humorous onesie may be the only thing you need to purchase. Feel free to chose from one of the following looks, or let the costume suggestions inspire your own Obama-related getup. Whatever the case, hopefully you and your kiddo will have a perfectly not bad Halloween.


Vacation Obama

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Since his presidency, many photographs of Obama on vacation have emerged, and in every one the man looks like he's having a complete blast. For this look, get a kids' life jacket ($60, West Marine), a yellow baby cap ($4, Amazon), and some baby aviator sunglasses ($20, Babiators). Your kid is ready for an adventure with the former first family.


Mom Jeans Obama


So much has been said about Obama's penchant for mom jeans, I hardly need to rehash the issue here. Complete the former president's most dad-tastic look with some loose-fit jeans ($10+, Amazon), a knit polo bodysuit ($7+, Amazon), and a basic windbreaker jacket ($22, Target). This outfit pays homage to his sidelines look perfectly.


Not Impressed Obama

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Although the expression may be hard to capture (unless your kid is an incredible mimic already), you can pull off a similar vibe for a costume. The baby tuxedo set ($80, Macy's) is a good start. Obama wears an American flag pin on his lapel, but you probably don't want to put any sharp objects around your kiddo quite yet. To pull off a similar, but safer, presidential vibe, give your tot an American flag blanket (~$25, Amazon). Hope your baby has an unimpressive night to stay in character.


'Not Bad' Obama

For this look, bring the meme to life. A not bad Obama bodysuit ($18, Cafe Press) and an American flag headband ($17, Etsy) make a great meme-inspired costume.


Obama-Biden Memes

An untold number of Obama and Biden memes cropped up in the final days of Obama's presidency, all hilariously portraying the men as best friends. Seriously: these were probably the most wholesome political memes to ever exist. There are a ton of hilarious options, but the best friends forever one always cracks me up. For a similar effect, get a baby tuxedo romper ($17, Amazon) and an Obama Biden baby hat ($11, Cafe Press). A best friends throw blanket ($40, Cafe Press) completes the theme.


Baroque Obama

These images are so completely ridiculous, I'm still delighted by them. To convey this idea, start with a Baroque Obama infant bodysuit ($18, Cafe Press). Throw on some fancy duds, such as a toddler velvet blazer ($18, Target) and an ornate bow headband ($6, Etsy).


Hope Poster Obama


Designed by street artist Shepard Fairey, the Obama "Hope" poster became one of the most iconic images of the 2008 presidential election campaign. Create a throwback political costume based on this image. An Obama hope infant bodysuit ($18, Cafe Press) and a patriotic baby hat ($16, Etsy) make a nice reference to the image.

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