7 Basic Rules For Taking Pictures Of My Kids

In this day and age of constant social media sharing, people may be less likely to follow some common courtesy rules that used to be second nature. For example, asking before taking pictures of other people's kids. I have some basic rules for taking pictures of my kids, especially now. Just because it seems like everyone's life is public consumption anyway, doesn't mean a person shouldn't think twice before posting a picture of my babies.

I'm not naive enough to think that I have total control over my children's images at a time when private information can legally be bought and sold online. Even so, I'd like to think that the rules of human decency still apply to good people. So, regardless of whether or not you technically can surreptitiously steal a snapshot I use in an article, I ask that you don't. Most decent humans, I would suspect, will honor that request.

The other fact that plays into the following rules, is that my kids are freaking adorable. Spoiler alert: I might be a tad biased. I love taking pictures of my kids. If you love my kids, or beauty, you'll likely love taking pictures of my kids, too. I'm totally fine with it as long as you follow the few basic rules I've outlined below before you start snapping away.

Ask Me First

Do not ever take a picture of my (or anyone's) kids without my or my partner's permission. My kids are not public property. I don't care where they are. Ask me before you ask my kid.

Then Ask Them

If I say it's OK, then you can ask my kid. It's their image you'll be capturing so they have the final say.

Respect Any Answer

If either one of us says "no" to having my kid's picture taken, don't try to talk us out of it. I don't care how cute my kid looks right now. Respect their right to make decisions about their image, and my right to put boundaries around my kids' privacy. No matter how sweetly you make your case to change our minds, it is still coercion and it is still gross. Stop it.

Do NOT Post On Social Media Without Consent

Chances are, if I've allowed you to take a picture of my kid I'm comfy enough to let you post said pic on your private accounts. However, you still need to ask. It's a boundary thing. Just as the picture itself, if you want to post on social media you've got to ask me first. If I say yes, you've then got to ask my kid. Their body, their choice.

Do NOT Snap Pics Without Clothes

If you're in my kids' life enough that you would ever see them without clothes, even sans a shirt, don't take pictures of them in various states of undress. Yes, I know the naked body is nothing to be ashamed of. Yes, I know that naked baby and little kid pictures are adorable. That doesn't change the fact that my partner and I don't want scantily clad pictures of our children owned by anyone else. We especially don't want said pictures on the internet. Yes, this does extend to pictures of my son without his shirt on. This is our comfort level. Just don't do it.

Never Sell Pictures Of My Kids

This seems ludicrous to even have to say, but it's kind of a ludicrous world. Don't do this. There is no coming back from this.

Be Respectful

It all comes down to respect. Think twice before you snap and if you have any question about what you're doing you have two choices. You can either ask the parent or just don't do it.