7 Best Play Shoes For Toddlers, Because They Play *Hard*

When it comes to finding the right shoe for your toddler, there's more to it than just finding the right size and style. Toddlers are starting to explore their newfound independence, so they need shoes that can sustain lots of running, jumping, climbing, and scooting. Basically they need magical trip-proof shoes with a steel-toe so they can wear them for a full five minutes without getting any holes. Basically if you're looking for the best play shoes for toddlers, you're in desperate need of some durable and versatile kids' shoes.

Kids go through shoes faster than they change their mind about whether or not they need to go to the bathroom. When my son was in preschool, it seemed like I was buying him another pair of shoes every month because he'd put holes in his new shoes within a matter of weeks — no exaggeration. It wasn't until I went to pick him up from school one day that I saw him playing in the yard and I spotted him riding in one of those push-cars with his toes dragging on the concrete. So I did some research to get this kid some serious reinforced shoes. Toddlers take their playtime seriously, so moms need to be armed with some the best durability. Check out these shoes that will not only last through many playtimes, but look pretty darn cute too.