7 Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Couple Costumes To Mimic Their Perfect Love

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are everything you could want in a couple. While Blake claims their lives are not perfect, I'm going to beg to differ on that one. They are fiercely protective parents, owners of hilarious social media accounts, award-winning actors, and it doesn't hurt that they both are insanely hot. I don't know what 'perfect' means to you, Blake, but that sounds pretty dang close to me. So why not choose some perfect Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds couple costumes this Halloween?

With plenty of achievements under their belts, and modesty to boot, this power couple would make perfect inspiration for a Halloween couples costume for you and your significant other. The duo offers everything from funny to glamorous looks and everything in between, but all with a little bit of cutesy couple love sprinkled on top. Need I mention their indisputable hotness again to further convince you? Didn't think so.

No matter if you choose to recreate one of the couple's funny social media moments or find inspiration in one of their numerous stunning red carpet looks, you'll need to get to work on perfecting your beachy waves. Blake is many things, but above all, she has perfect hair.

Here are seven of their best moments as a couple to inspire your Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds couple costume this Halloween.


Blake's Birthday Post

Remember when Ryan hilariously trolled Blake on her birthday? The doting husband posted this photo (with Blake halfway cropped out) and the caption, "Happy Birthday to my amazing wife."

For Blake:

Get glammed up with a red carpet worthy gown ($65, Ettuet) and an elegant 'do.

For Ryan:

Wear your best suit coat ($60, H&M) or tux with a bow tie ($13, H&M) and a DIY Instagram frame to hold around your face. Be sure to include the caption!


The Birthday Bunnies

The couple got goofy as they celebrated Ryan's 40th birthday and wore bunny masks at a New York City party. The adorable scene caused Taylor Swift to "drown in tears of joy," as she tweeted. Both you and your partner should wear adorable bunny noses ($7, Amazon) to start!

For Blake:

Blake rocked a classic cream blouse ($30, H&M) tucked into a simple black high waisted skirt ($35, H&M). Top off with loose waves, a chunky blue ring ($7, eBay), and a pink party hat ($6 for 8, Target) for a flirty finish.

For Ryan:

The birthday boy went with a classy three-piece suit ($150, Macy's) with a burgundy tie ($15, Old Navy) and his signature scruffy facial hair for his big day.


The Walk Of Fame Fam


The entire clan looked fabulous when Ryan's star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame was revealed last December. This was one of the few occasions on which the notoriously private family has been out in public all together. This would make an adorable family costume if you have two little ones who'd like to participate!

For Blake:

To get Blake's look, you'll need a blue midi dress ($60, Boden), loose waves, and the priceless face of a proud mama.

For Ryan:

Ryan went with the classics when he was honored, wearing a black suit ($100, Macy's) and black tie ($25, Ties).


'The Shallows' Date

Blake recently starred in The Shallows, playing Nancy, a surfer stranded at sea struggling to survive among a swarm of sharks. On the day the film was released, Ryan tweeted this scene from the movie and joked that he was actually a shark in the film. Play into his joke by dressing as Nancy and Ryan The Shark.

For Blake:

For her surfer look, Blake wasn't afraid of showing a little skin in an orange bikini top ($18+, Amazon) and printed bottoms ($26, Largo Drive). If you want to cover up a little more, use a long sleeved surf shirt ($35, Backcountry). It could also be fun to play around with some fake blood to create "shark bites."

For Ryan:

All you need to live out Ryan's first date joke is this shark costume ($24, Walmart). So easy!


Blake's 'Most Influential Person'... & Her Husband

At TIME's 100 Gala last April, Blake hilariously mocked Ryan on Insta, posting this photo along with the caption, "Congratulations to the most influential person in my life. The best man I know... you deserve this @time 100 honor... If only my husband weren't blocking you in this shot. I'm so sorry @johnlegend." To capture this hilarity, you actually shouldn't dress as Blake and Ryan, but as Blake and John Legend.

For Blake:

Unless you're able to drop big bucks on Blake's Marchesa tassled dress, I recommend getting close with this sheer floral maxi ($55, A'Gaci), strappy gold sandals ($37, Lulus), big coral earrings ($16, Amazon), and a messy updo.

For John:

John wore a black suit ($100, Macy's) and an oversized bowtie ($40, Etsy) for his TIME 100 performance. Pop on a name tag that identifies you as "The Most Influential Person In Blake's Life." Grab a tiny keyboard ($39, Musician's Friend) to tote around for the night if you're feeling particularly dedicated.


Golden Globes


As always, the happy couple looked like they were having a blast on the red carpet for the Golden Globe Awards last January. They both looked amazing, but the real star of the show was Blake's fabulous updo, unsurprisingly. The actress is known for always having A+ hair.

For Blake:

You may not be able to get your hands on Blake's custom made Versace gown, but you can recreate her look with this velvet maxi ($60, Nordstrom Rack). Pin a gold sequined scarf ($4, Amazon) around the straps to dress it up a bit and mimic her bold neckline. Break out the bobby pins to get her creative hairdo.

For Ryan:

Ryan kept it simple with a fitted black suit ($100, Macy's) and black bowtie ($13, H&M).


Denim On Denim Duo

Ryan Reynolds joining Twitter was perhaps the best thing to happen to the internet. Not only is he a professional dad joke tweeter, but he also happens to have very flashy Photoshop skills. He showed them off by 'shopping his and Blake's faces onto Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's iconic all-denim getups. Sure, people might think you two are dressed as the '00s red carpet version of the outfits, but you can have so much fun revealing the truth.

For Blake:

Blake/Britney's outfit is easy! All you need is a denim dress ($20, A'gaci), a belt ($22, Lulu's) worn over it in true 2000s style, and a jean purse ($33, Amazon).

For Ryan:

Get Ryan/J.T.'s look with light wash jeans ($25, H&M) and a denim jacket ($25, Forever 21) topped off by a cringe-worthy denim fedora ($32, Walmart).

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