These 'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina' Halloween Costumes Make Goth Glamorous

Sabrina is back. If you spent the late '90s watching Melissa Joan Hart on Sabrina, The Teenaged Witch, you might be pretty pumped for the new Netflix reboot. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina dropped on October 26, with Kiernan Shipka taking on the title role. If you've already managed to binge the series, or just want to pay homage to latest iteration of a beloved character, there are some super cute costumes inspired by The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina that you could easily throw together in time for Halloween.

Sabrina has actually been around since the '60s, when she first debuted in an Archie comic, as the official Archie website explained. The new Netflix series takes her in a whole new direction from the comics and the previous show, however. Screenrant noted that it's much darker, and even includes violence — something that definitely wouldn't have flown on super wholesome night of "TGIF" programming.

The scarier vibe could make The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina another Halloween hit for Netflix. This time last year the streaming service dropped the second season of Stranger Things, which inspired tons of Halloween costumes. Could Sabrina be the next Eleven? Only time will tell.

Here are seven costumes to channel your inner teenaged witch this Halloween.



A-Line Pea Coat, $20, Amazon

Black Headband, $8, Amazon

Sabrina's signature look in the new show seems to be her preppy black headband and red coat. Buy it for Halloween and you'll be set for the winter, too.


Baptized Sabrina

Lace Applique Slip Dress, $19, Shein

Vampire Blood Gel, $6, Amazon

The new Sabrina is darker, indeed. In order to embrace her witchy roots, she undergoes a dark baptism ceremony glimpsed in the official trailer. You can mimic the look with a white slip dress and oozing fake blood on your forehead.


The Weird Sisters

Peter Pan Collar Black Day Dress, $23, TBDress

Matte Black Lipstick, $5, Walmart

Sabrina has some mean girls to deal with in the series. Those are the Weird Sisters, according to Entertainment Weekly, and their dark lipstick and white collared black dresses are actually kinda fierce, in my opinion.


Aunt Zelda

Classic Blazer, $45, Old Navy

Cameo Necklace, $20, Etsy

The new Aunt Zelda is played by actress Miranda Otto, according to Deadline. Her style seems to involve lots of black and dripping in jewelry. I can get on board with that any day of the year, not just Halloween.


Faustus Blackwood

Ascot, $20, Etsy

Cane, $21, Amazon

Another new character debuting in Sabrina is Faustus Blackwood, a representative of Satan himself. I definitely don't remember that from TGIF. The cravat and cane combo lend this costume an old timey, creepy vibe that's perfect for Halloween.



Black Jumpsuit, $18, Forever 21

Cat Lace Eye Mask, $11, Amazon

Don't expect to hear Salem offering up sassy, sarcastic one-liners like he did in the '90s. This version of Salem doesn't talk, according to Pop Sugar, but he still makes a great costume. And this lacey black mask is definitely sexier than the typical cat ears headband.



Denim Sherpa Jacket, $35, Target

Canvas Backpack, $17, Ebags

Many things have changed about Sabrina, but her love for Harvey hasn't. You can dress up as the new version of the teen heartthrob (played this time around by Ross Lynch, according to The Wrap) by donning a shearling denim jacket and canvas backpack.