5 'Stranger Things' Halloween Costumes That Are Unique & Beyond Easy

by Lindsay E. Mack

Few shows can claim the immediate love and fandom that Stranger Things earned. With its blend of creepiness and hardcore 1980s nostalgia, the show was an immediate success. If you're still inspired by the adventures of Eleven and her friends, put your creativity to use for some super unique Stranger Things Halloween costumes. Hey, you need something to occupy your time until Season 2 debuts on October 27, 2017.

For the uninitiated, Stranger Things is a Netflix series first released on July 15, 2016. The first season largely concerns the mysterious disappearance of a young boy in Hawkins, Indiana in the early 1980s. The storytelling is fast-paced and engaging, and somehow the show manages to feel like a lost artifact from the '80s. It pulls vibes from Stephen King novels, Steven Spielberg films, conspiracy theories, and even tabletop role-playing games. Plus, there are memorable characters and strong themes of friendship and loyalty. In other words, it ticks all the right boxes for weirdos who love weird shows.

As could be expected, Stranger Things has inspired countless Halloween costumes. Sure, many talented people on the internet can recreate the wardrobes and props from the show with impressive precision. But if you want to show your fandom in a more laid-back way, here are some easy, unique Stranger Things costumes that won't send you to the upside down.


The Christmas Lights Ouija Board Wall

The scenes with the Christmas lights are some of the most iconic images in the show. Now, you can turn yourself into the spray-painted wall that lets people communicate with those in the upside-down. Bonus points if a friend dresses as greatly distressed Winona Ryder.

First, put on a Stranger Things alphabet shirt ($20, Teepublic). Next, put on a light bulb necklace ($6, Amazon), or drape your entire body in battery operated Christmas lights ($10, Amazon). Go light up the night on Halloween.


What About Barb?

Help find justice for Barb, AKA everyone's favorite character. Begin with a what about Barb shirt ($20, Etsy), which asks all the important questions. Throw on a generic short wig ($6, Amazon) and some lovely oversized reading glasses ($12, Amazon). Make up some missing posters for Barb and hand them out or post them around the party venue. Now go out there on Halloween and demand better for Nancy's loyal friend.



If someone else in your group is going to dress as Eleven, why not take on the disguise of her favorite snack? I mean, does anything in the world make you want waffles as much as an episode of Stranger Things? Never before has breakfast food looked so good.

Anyway, start with an Eggo pun sweatshirt ($26, Tees and Tank You). To be extra beyond belief, snag the waffle invasion joggers ($59+, Shelfies). Hey, you're done.


Eleven In The Sensory Deprivation Tank

Eleven costumes are probably going to be a hit again this year, with plenty of people running around in 1980's dad socks and yellow wigs. Why not go for a different take on the Eleven look? Her deprivation chamber scene is just as iconic as the rest of her appearances. Plus, it's one of those costumes you can throw together with stuff from your closet and maybe a quick trip to the craft store.

The beige women's romper ($26+, Amazon) is a good start. Then get a basic black headband ($7, Amazon) and stick a bunch of white pipe cleaners ($3, Joann) all over it. Now all you need to do is stare into other worlds.



OK, some fans have made elaborate Demogorgon costumes that probably stand up to the one used in the show. For reference, check out the guy who made a functioning Demogorgon costume with opening "petals" and everything, courtesy of INSIDER. It's super impressive, and far beyond my skill zone. So this version of the costume is is more of a demi-Demogorgon, so to speak.

Anyway, here's the general idea. Start with a beware the Demogorgon shirt ($16, Etsy). Add some fake finger claws ($10, Amazon). Layer everything over the sunny sunflower costume ($24, Amazon), and you are one scary sucker. I mean, just look at those petals. It's like staring into the abyss of the upside-down.

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