7 Comfortable Kissing Positions For Pregnant Women Who Don't Want A Back Ache

Being intimate with your partner is always important, but during pregnancy, it seems to be even higher on the priority list. It's a huge time in both you and your SO's live,s and that time to reconnect and be intimate is totally necessary. But, it does come with its complications, like trying to find comfortable kissing positions while you're pregnant.

I know that many relationships don't count kissing as a huge part of their intimacy once they've been together for a while, but I stand by it. I think it's one of the best ways to physically connect with your partner and, sometimes, it can pack a much bigger punch than just sex. It's a reminder of the intimate connection you shared when you were first dating and, let's be honest, it makes sex a whole lot more enjoyable when you've totally aroused each other with a hot make-out sesh.

When you're pregnant, kissing has another huge benefit — it's not sex. Sex while pregnant isn't impossible, but the larger your baby bump gets and the more problems you have, like back pain or swelling, the harder it can be to enjoy it. Kissing gives all pregnant women the chance to reclaim some of that intimacy with their partner and raise their arousal levels without doing any crazy, intense positions.

But that baby bump can still get in the way of a hot kissing moment, which is why you need these seven comfortable kissing positions. Relieve yourself of any potential back and neck pain, as well as keeping your baby bump from interrupting your kissing. Trust me, your baby will find a better way to do that once they are out of your womb.


Lay Side-To-Side

You can even through your pregnancy pillow between your legs or under your belly if you want, but laying side-to-side means less stress on your back and neck without taking away the hot factor.


Sit Back With Your Partner Leaning Forward

For a standard, good old-fashioned make-out sesh, you can still work your baby bump on a couch, you'll just need your partner to do the leaning. Get comfy and lean back if you want while your partner leans over you to do the kissing. Not only are you taking stress off your back by sitting back, but it also allows room for your SO to get a little handsy.



Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy, the straddle position can still work. Let your partner get comfy and then straddle their lap facing forward. Your SO can help support your weight, your baby bump can rest comfortable between you two, and, unlike being on top, you don't have to lean down to kiss your partner. You can also use furniture to help you, by elevating yourself higher so your partner can stand across from you with your legs straddling them.


Sit Across From Each Other

If your baby bump has officially gotten too big to straddle your partner, try sitting across from each other. Stretch your legs out if needed, but with both of you sitting together on a bed or couch, you should be able to find a comfortable spot so you and your partner can kiss. Again, no stress on the back and you're not trying to squeeze your bump into a position it can't fit in.


Cuddled Up

OK, cuddling isn't always easy when you're pregnant, but you can make it work — especially when kissing is involved. Depending on how big your baby bump is, you may be able to hold each other face to face or lay on your partner's chest without too many problems. But if your bump is out and proud, try laying on your back while your SO snuggles you from the side. Totally comfortable and still a fun way to kiss.


Put Your Partner Between Your Knees

In the later months of pregnancy, it can be incredibly difficult to lay on your back or side. And sitting too comfortably in a chair? Ugh, you'll never get out. For this position, sit on a couch, but stay on the edge so your feet are firmly on the ground. Let your partner kneel between your legs so they can kiss you, but all of the strain of the position is on them. You won't be uncomfortable and you won't have to worry about trying to move out of the position later.



Missionary can still be a really hot kissing position, even if you have to make a few modifications because of your pregnancy. Obviously, your partner needs to use their hands to support their weight on the bed and they can't let their body rest against yours. But for a make-out sesh that reminds you of the pre-baby bump days? This one's a winner.