7 Creepy And Fascinating Things You Never Knew About Your Uterus

Growing up, I have to admit that none of my sex education or anatomy classes really covered much about the uterus (not that I remember anyway), aside from its baby-making abilities. Now, as women are really pushing to learn more about the female anatomy and health in general, some of the information out there is truly interesting. There are quite a few creepy and fascinating things you never knew about your uterus, as a matter of fact, that will make you kind of proud – or weirded out, depending on what you're into. Regardless, the female body and uterus specifically are truly amazing things.

For example, did you know there are helpful actions the uterus takes to ramp up your sex life, conception, and more? If you thought that your uterus's best trick was to assist you with your pregnancy, then you are sorely mistaken. Studying up on the uterus actually offers a number of new and exciting tidbits of information and it's pretty mind-blowing.

If you're curious about just how magical or interesting the uterus is, you've come to the right place to find out. Whether you're curious to learn more about your pregnancy, your cycle, conception, or just general interesting facts, the uterus does not disappoint. So take a minute to check out all of the fascinating and creepy things the uterus does.


The Uterus Expands An Insane Amount

The uterus starts out about the size of a closed fist and expands to the size of a full term baby, or roughly the size of a watermelon, according to Inner Body. Although this seems like a fairly obvious fact, to put it in the context of a popular summer fruit is totally mind-boggling.


Some Women Are Born Without Their Uterus, Others With Two

Wait, what? According to Living and Loving, one in 4,500 women are born without a uterus and go through puberty and ovulation like normal but don't ever get their period. Conversely, in the case of a double uterus, the site shared that the uterus starts out as two small tubes that don’t join completely during development. This creates two separate structures. What's even more fascinating is that women with a double uterus still often have children, and in the most extreme and rare case, they can both carry children simultaneously.


Your Uterus Is The Only Organ That Creates Another Organ

Where did you think the placenta came from? According to the aforementioned Living and Loving article, the placenta is created within the uterus during pregnancy to help nourish your baby. It's truly amazing that a baby not only grows inside of your uterus, but it also creates a whole other organ to support the baby's growth as well. Now that's an organ that gets things done.


During Sexual Arousal, Your Uterus Also Rises To The Occasion — Literally

The uterus actually rises to create more space during sexual arousal, according to University of California's Sex Info Online. The uterus only goes back to its normal, chilled, position after you orgasm or stimulation and arousal is over.


Your Cervix Moves & Changes Too

The lower part of your uterus is the cervix, and according to Mind Body Green (MBG), your cervix can change depending on where you're at in your cycle. The site shared that during your period the cervix is low, firm, and slightly open while during ovulation the cervix is soft, high, open, and extremely wet. At other points in the cycle, it varies somewhere in between those two extremes.


Your Uterus Is The Key To Conception And Even Better Orgasms

The uterus contracts during sex to help sperm reach the released egg, according to the aforementioned Living and Loving article. So if you're trying to get pregnant, the uterus is working right along with you to ensure the sperm reaches the egg and you do conceive. As a bonus and because of these contractions, many women even experience extreme pleasure from their uterus during an orgasm. So your uterus actually holds the key to both conception and amazing orgasms.


Your Uterus Is Kind Of Soundproof

According to, your babies actually cry while developing and growing in your uterus. Because of all of the fluid, however, you aren't going to hear them, which is kind of creepy and a little sad. The good news is that they have all the nourishment needed while they're developing, and although it's weird to think about, the crying is no reason to be concerned.

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