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7 Awesome DIY Wonder Woman Costumes For Pregnant Women

Whether you decided to be Wonder Woman for Halloween before you found out that you're expecting or after, being pregnant on Halloween doesn't have to derail your badass plans. While you might not able to don the full-on, traditional Wonder Woman get-up if you're far along in your pregnancy, there are plenty of options when it comes to Wonder Woman costumes for pregnant women that won't require you to sit this Halloween out or bare it all (unless you want to!). From easy DIY costumes, to barely even a costume costumes, to accessories that just scream Wonder Woman, you can make your costume as involved — or straightforward and simple — as you'd like.

You'll need some basics if you're going to dress up as Wonder Woman while you're pregnant. A red shirt or blouse, royal blue leggings, pants, skirt, or dress, and (at least) a gold belt will get you nearly all the way there. Golden shoes are also a must. Beyond that, you'll need to determine the direction in which you want to take your costume. Don't overthink it — Halloween is supposed to be fun. Besides, you're growing a human, you're already basically a real-life Wonder Woman.


Wonder Woman T-Shirt

If you're looking for what might be the absolute easiest Wonder Woman maternity costume for Halloween, look no further than this customized Wonder Woman Maternity Shirt ($26, Etsy). Order the shirt with plenty of time for it to ship — online reviewers claimed it can take awhile.


Accessorized Wonder Woman

You need all of the Wonder Woman costume accessories ($25, Etsy) to truly put your costume over-the-top. This set includes a crown, wrist cuffs, and, of course, a golden lasso. Bonus: accessories don't come in maternity or non-maternity sizes, so that's one less thing about which you'll have to worry.


Wonder Woman Emblem

Make any shirt in your closet one fit for aWonder Woman costume with this Wonder Woman iron on design ($9, Etsy). Pick up any old red shirt and transform it into a costume in no time at all. Wear it for Halloween and throughout your pregnancy, you Wonder Woman, you.


Comfortable Wonder Woman


Go low-key and comfortable with this Wonder Woman maternity costume made from royal blue maternity leggings ($25, Pink Blush Maternity), gold flats ($25, H&M) — because this Wonder Woman can't be bothered with heels — and a comfy red maternity shirt ($35, Motherhood). Add white stars to the leggings or a golden emblem to the shirt and you have yourself a costume.


Wonder Woman Tiara

If you're more of a subtle costume kind of gal, especially when pregnant, dress in red, gold, and royal blue clothing that's already in your closet and add this Wonder Woman Tiara ($15 or $30, Etsy) to complete your look. It comes in either plastic or metal and will be just the thing to pull it all together.


DIY Wonder Woman


DIY this Wonder Woman costume by pairing gold flats ($25, H&M) with a blue maternity skirt ($32, Pink Blush Maternity) and red maternity t-shirt ($15, Maternity). Top it all off with a homemade Wonder Woman crown, a lasso, and maybe a shield.


Wonder Woman Cape

This Wonder Woman Cape ($20, Etsy) is really all you need to pull off dressing up as Wonder Woman for Halloween. Wear red, gold, and royal blue and then put on your cape. Boom. You're now Wonder Woman.

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