7 Easy Princess Leia Halloween Costumes For Badass Babies

If it's one of your baby's first few Halloweens, you might be excited, but also feeling some pressure over what costume they should wear. Baby costumes should be fairly simple because with all their squirming and diaper changes, baby costumes really can't be too restrictive or elaborate. At the same time, you want your little one to be fierce, brave, smart, and so many other things, so choosing a costume that embodies those characteristics is a no-brainer. Princess Leia's the perfect choice for both reasons. If you're a Star Wars fan, you'll get a kick out of these easy Princess Leia costumes for babies.

Princess Leia is an iconic character, and she's inspired countless people over the years since the first Star Wars movie hit theaters a long, long time ago. A Princess Leia Halloween costume is dead-easy to make, whether you're making it for your infant or for yourself — and there are plenty available for sale, as well. Basically, Princess Leia is one of the easiest costumes you could choose and it will also make your baby look pretty darn cute while you're out trick or treating or passing out candy at home. Whether you make it or buy it, Princess Leia just might become one of your go-to costumes whenever you need a great costume without having to shell out big bucks or spend hours and hours getting it together. Your Princess Leia baby will be the most geek-chic baby on the block.


DIY Infant Princess Leia Costume

If you're handy with the sewing machine and you find that your baby is too small for many of the commercially-available Princess Leia costumes, this baby Princess Leia costume tutorial that jessyratfink posted on Instructables will be right up your alley. Her recommendation to make the costume based on a onesie and hat that you know already fit the baby well is genius.


Crocheted Princess Leia Headpiece

Crochet Princess Leia Costume, $15, Etsy

Since most babies don't have super long hair, this crochet Princess Leia costume makes Princess Leia's classic hairstyle a cinch to pull off. For the rest of the outfit, stick with all-white everything and top it off with a simple fabric belt.


DIY Princess Leia Costume For Babies & Toddlers

Create a super-simple Princess Leia costume for your little Star Wars fan by following the tutorial on Jenna Brand's blog. You'll make a hat that'll tie onto your little one's head (so it won't fall off in all the excitement), a simple white dress, and a silver belt. Bonus: they can wear it after Halloween to play in, too.


Baby's First Halloween Princess Leia Costume


Brown Fabric, $2, BurlapFabric | Shower Curtain, $14, Houzz

If you don't want to spend a ton of money on your baby's first Halloween costume, which is completely understandable, these ideas for a DIY Princess Leia costume that kibblesandknits posted on Craftster are nothing short of brilliant. She spent $3 on her daughter's Princess Leia costume for her first Halloween, creating a hat with brown fabric and the stuffing from an old pillow. She made a dress made out of an old white, barely-used shower curtain; a belt with some scrap banner materials and some silver vinyl; and a stuffed weapon, you know, so you baby Princess Leia can fight evil.


Princess Leia Yarn Wig

Can't find the right Princess Leia-style hat and not too handy with a sewing machine? Repeat Crafter Me has you covered with a yarn wig tutorial that comes together with brown yarn, a couple brown socks, a hot glue gun, brown felt, and a couple of ponytail holders or rubber bands. Stick with flowing white for the rest of the outfit and you've got yourself one baby Princess Leia costume.


Easy Princess Leia Costume


Dress, $16, Primary | Gold Sequin Trim, $6, Joann | White Booties, $8, Target

This easy Princess Leia costume from Buggy and Buddy is a snap to put together. All you need is a dress, gold sequin trim and white booties.


Comfortable, Last-Minute Princess Leia Costume


White Turtle Neck, $20, Land's End | Aluminum Foil, $1, Hollar | White Shoes, $13, DSW

Perhaps the easiest of all the ideas on this list, this Princess Leia costume posted on Costume Works is perfect if you waited until the last minute (no judgment). It looks great, but couldn't be easier to put together. All you need is a woman's white turtleneck, some aluminum foil and foam to create a belt, and white shoes. It doesn't get much easier than that.

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