7 TV-Themed Couples Halloween Costumes That You Can Totally Pull Off

Let's be honest: TV-themed Halloween costumes are usually the lazy way out — they're often pretty easy to throw together with things you either already have in your closet or can pick up affordably at a second-hand store. When you're planning a couples costume, however, that's basically exactly what you're looking for. Something fairly simple that's still cute, makes you and your partner fit together, and also somewhat showcases your relationship and your personality. There are so many TV-themed costumes for couples out there, from current favorites to well-loved classics. While many TV-themed costumes are pretty simple, if you're getting a jump start on Halloween ideas for the kids — or you have multiple parties and things that require creative costumes — it doesn't hurt to start thinking about what you and your partner are going to wear that night, as well.

There seem to be iconic TV couples on nearly every popular show, but you and your partner likely have one particular favorite. Halloween can be a bit of a hassle, when it comes right down to it, between kids' costumes, adults' costumes, candy, decorations, plans (sometimes multiple sets), and more. Make it just a little bit easier on yourself by doing a TV-inspired couples costume this year. You'll be rocking a coordinated costume without having had to have spent months agonizing over all the details. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.


Jim & Pam

Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly are the perfect choices for couples who think the ideal weekend is spent on the couch, binge-watching The Office. Fans watched their love story — a messy, complicated relationship — evolve over the course of nine seasons. Given that nearly every single episode focused on their time at work, dressing up like them for Halloween should be a piece of cake for most office-dwellers.


For Her:


Black Pumps, $99, DSW | Cardigan, $35, Lands End

Pam was hardly ever without her sensible pumps, pencil skirt, button-down, and cardigan. For a costume reminiscent of Pam during the early seasons, pull your hair halfway up, for the later seasons, do more defined curls and wear it down.


For Him:


Dress Shirt, $20, Macy's | Messenger Bag, $35, Bonanza

Jim's daily outfits hardly even constitute a costume, which truly makes it one of the easiest to pull off. A dress shirt, dress pants, nice shoes, tie, and messenger bag are really all you need. Add a Dunder Mifflin name tag if people start asking questions.


Olivia & Fitz

Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant III (aka Fitz) costumes are easy-enough to pull off. Kerry Washington stars as Olivia Pope on Shonda Rhimes' Scandal, where she plays a Washington D.C. fixer and crisis management queen. Tony Goldwyn stars opposite Washington as President Fitzgerald Grant III, married to wife Mellie, but hopelessly in love with Olivia. As I'm sure you've guessed, things get complicated.


For Her:


Heels, $63, Aldo | Leather Bag, $26, Old Navy

Olivia Pope is always impeccably dressed. Fashionable trousers, a killer heel, cape, and gorgeous bag are all you need to pull off this look. For extra authenticity add a glass of red wine and some popcorn.


For Him:


Tailored Suit, $190, Jos.A.Bank

Fitz pretty much just wears suits, so if you opt for this couples costume, you're in luck. A tailored suit is really all you need. Add a couple of jars of jam, since Fitz dreams of running away to Vermont with Olivia to make jam, and a "Grant for President" button.


Luke & Lorelai

Luke Danes and Lorelai Gilmore are Stars Hollow's power couple. Again, there's not a lot of effort involved in this couples costume either. You had to watch them will-they-or-won't-they for seven seasons plus a revival, so you should be well-prepared for this costume by now.


For Her:


Black Boots, $85, 6pm | Wool Coat, $80, Chad Wicks

Lorelai Gilmore is nothing without her coffee, so, of course, a coffee cup (filled with whatever you'd like) is a must. Running the Dragonfly Inn is exhausting, after all. Other than that one day that she had to drop Rory off at Chilton, Lorelai is always dressed professionally. Her classic look includes a button-down, pencil skirt, boots, and a beautiful coat. Wear your hair curly or straight, Lorelai doesn't stick to just one style.


For Him:


Flannel Shirt, $25, H&M | Baseball Cap, $10, Amazon

Luke is casual at nearly all times, which is probably just fine with your partner who gets to dress like your favorite surly diner-owner. For Luke's costume, all you need is a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, a flannel. some work boots for when he has to go do work at Lorelai's house, and a vest. A baseball cap — worn backwards, of course — and a coffee pot are absolute essentials.


Mitch & Cam

Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker (aka Mitch and Cam) have been a popular TV couple since Modern Family premiered in 2009. These two are dads to daughter Lily, who they both love dearly. If you and your partner, like Mitch and Cam, balance each other out in all of the right ways, this might be the perfect TV-inspired couples costume for the two of you to wear this Halloween.


For Mitch:


Cardigan, $20, Gap | Tie, $30, Amazon

Mitch is a lawyer, but he's not wearing suits on the daily. You'll want a layered look if you're trying to dress like him. He wears dress pants that aren't too dressy, a button-down, v-neck cardigan, tie, and dress shoes. Easy, right?


For Cam:


Brown Loafers, $55, Amazon | Button Down Shirt, $16, Burlington

Cam's style is in the details. For his costume you'll need a pair of nice jeans, some loafers, and a patterned button-down with a different pattern on the cuffs of the sleeves. Yes, that's important.


Emma & Hook

If you're not super into the Halloween thing, but your partner so is, this might be the costume for you. Emma Swan, daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White on Once Upon A Time, falls in love with Hook (yes, that Hook) when he arrives in Storybrooke, where they all live. The two love each other very much and work together to protect all of their friends and family members from the evil heading Storybrooke's way.


For Her:


Leather Jacket, $48, ASOS

Emma is always casual and ready for whatever comes her way in jeans, a comfortable tank, a leather jacket, and boots. If you're like me, you've worn that outfit plenty of times before and it was never a Halloween costume. Now it can be. Simple as that.


For Him:


Black Leather Pants, $25, Amazon | Black Boots, $85, Cavanders

Hook, on the other hand, is definitely a more involved costume. You'll need black leather pants, a black leather overcoat, boots, a button-down, a red leather vest, a sword, and, of course, a hook.


Howard & Bernadette

Engineer Howard Wolowitz and microbiologist Bernadette Rostenkowski are, arguably, the sweetest couple on The Big Bang Theory. They're both brilliant and endlessly supportive of one another. Sound like you and your partner? Of course it does. That's why this might be just the costume for you.


For Her:


Sundress, $40, Nordstrom Rack | Cropped Cardigans, $23, Amazon

Bernadette wears lots of sundresses with cropped cardigans, and, sometimes, a pair of colorful tights. Pair that with a pair of simple flats, glasses and a blonde wig with bangs and loose curls and you've got yourself a costume.


For Him:


Colorful Pants, $25, Lands End | Turtleneck, $30, JC Penney

Howard's look is a little more eclectic. He likes color, pattern, and layering. You'll need a pair of colorful pants, simple shoes, a turtleneck, and, of course, a patterned button-down to wear over the turtleneck. As one does. If you have a Batman belt buckle, that's a good addition too.


Lucy & Ricky

I Love Lucy is an American classic and for all of those who love vintage dresses and slap-stick comedy, dressing up like Lucy and Ricky for Halloween is a no-brainer. It feels like more of a real costume than some of the others on this list, yet each outfit comes together in no time at all, making it easy enough to throw together after putting in the time to find the exact right shade of purple for your kid's costume. Music to a busy Mama's ears.


For Her:


Blue Vintage Dress, $25, Dress Lily | Pearls, $20, Amazon

Lucy's outfits wouldn't have been considered a costume at the time, but are more so now. Luckily, the dresses she wore have come back in style somewhat in the more recent years, meaning you should be able to find the perfect dress with relative ease. All you need to complete your look is a string or two of pearls, some pearl studs, a belt, and some sensible heels.


For Him:


Dress Shoes, $80, Shoes | Suit, $198, Jos.A.Bank

Whoever's dressing up as Ricky will have an even easier time pulling together their costume. Ricky was a bandleader and dressed mostly in suits ($99), ties, and dress shoes, meaning you might even have the costume in your closet already. It doesn't get much easier than that.

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