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7 Easy Minion Halloween Costumes For All Ages

Minions have only gotten more and more popular since Despicable Me (and then their own spinoff movie and two more Despicable Me sequels) was released in 2010. With the release of Despicable Me 3 in June 2017, there are bound to be many little minions walking around the neighborhood this Halloween. You don't have to leave the minion costumes to the little ones, however. There are easy minion Halloween costumes for all ages, so the whole family can embrace the minion-y fun. From baby to adult, there are easy ways to DIY minion costumes for every single member of the family.

Don't all want to be blue and yellow? (Or is yellow not the most flattering shade for you? I can relate.) The purple and black evil minions made their debut in Despicable Me 2, which means you can do all good minions, all evil minions, or a mix of the two, depending on people's personal preferences. You could even throw additional Despicable Me characters into the mix, with Gru, other villains, or the girls. No matter the age of the person, the amount of time you have to craft your costumes, or the strong opinions you hold about minions, there's a minion costume that you can make in almost no time at all.


Adult Women Yellow Minion


Adult minion costumes don't have to be fussy. All you need for this one is a pair of denim overalls ($50, H&M), a yellow turtleneck ($45, Appleseed's), black booties ($99, Lulu's), and a pair of minion-y steampunk goggles ($20, GloFX). Not too bad for a last-minute costume.


Adult Women Purple Minion


Want to be an evil minion instead? You'll need black booties ($99, Lulu's), goggles ($20, GloFX), a purple turtleneck ($12, Kohl's), a pair of purple tights ($9, Walmart), and black skirt overalls ($52, American Eagle). Plus, at least half of those things are things you could repurpose and wear again. Win-win.


Adult Men Yellow Minion


The men's yellow minion costume couldn't be easier. You might even already have most of the components at home. Gather a pair of denim overalls ($35, Sierra Trading Post), black boots ($165, ALDO), a yellow shirt ($5, JiffyShirts), a pair of goggles ($20, GloFX), and a yellow beanie ($6, Walmart). If you poke black pipe cleaners through the hat for hair, the costume will look even better, but it's totally fine to go without.


Kids Yellow Minion


The kids costumes are nearly identical to the adult ones. For a yellow minion costume, you'll need a pair of overalls ($25, H&M), a yellow long-sleeve shirt ($5, Hit A Double), goggles, ($30, Zenni Optical), and black shoes ($20, Payless). It couldn't be easier.


Kids Purple Minion With Pants


Maybe your kids would rather be evil minions. No sweat. Gather a pair of goggles ($30, Zenni Optical), a purple shirt ($5, Hanes), and a pair of black overalls ($25, Walmart). If you use a purple hoodie ($9, Hanes) instead of a shirt, you'll be able to attach some pipe cleaners for hair (or add a wig) and really put the costume over the top.


Kids Purple Minion With Skirt


The skirt version is similarly simple. The same pair of goggles and long-sleeve purple shirt are your base. To that, add a pair of purple tights ($12, Halloween Express) and black skirt overalls ($26, Gap Factory). Pull the same trick with the purple hoodie ($9, Hanes) if you want to add pipe cleaner hair to the costume. Easy peasy.


Baby Minion


You don't have to leave out your baby minion. The tiniest minion costume is, truly, the easiest on the list. All you need to deck out your infant for their first Halloween is a pair of baby overalls ($19, Old Navy), a long-sleeve yellow onesie ($13, Etsy), and a minion hat ($20, Etsy). Starting Halloween off on a well-dressed note.

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