7 Fast Halloween Costumes For Couples You Can Make In 1 Hour With Items You Probably Already Have

Ahh, the couples costume. It's a statement about which role you play in the relationship and an opportunity to be creative. But what if you've procrastinated, and your cosplay skills are at a novice level? Don't worry because there are tons of fast Halloween costumes for couples that you can make in one hour or less that will still impress.

You could be PB & J with some red T-shirts and beanies, or buy some gauze at the pharmacy for an easy mummy costume. The first step is looking at what you have, then figuring out what you can do with it. The best part about these costumes is that you can use items you already have around the house (or can easily borrow from a friend) and that you'll probably only have to buy one or two things. Who said last-minute costumes had to be difficult? As a self-professed procrastinator, finding something simple and easy is my go-to and I love to be creative with things I already have.

Say good-bye to expensive $80 costumes, hours at home making the right outfit, or 20 pricks from a sewing needle. Here are seven fast Halloween costumes for couples you can make in one hour.


PB & J

I made this costume back in 2010 for my first real college Halloween party. For this, you'll need a red T-shirt ($10, H&M), purple T-shirt ($7, H&M), felt in blue, green, purple (or red), and white ($13, Target), a red beanie ($8, Zumiez), purple beanie ($18, Zumiez), and fabric glue ($4, Target). Cut out a 3" x 6" strip from each of the green and purple felts for the Jif peanut butter logo. Cut out the letters J-I-F and S-M-U-C-K-E-R-S using white and black felt, respectively. Take the purple felt and cut out a few circles (these will be the abstract grapes for the Smuckers label). Arrange all the pieces on each shirt and and glue them on with fabric glue. Top your head with a beanie, and you're ready to go. If you have a third wheel, put them in a banana costume ($26, Target).


Vana White and Pat Sajak

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For you Wheel of Fortune buffs out there, this costume is great (and it's super easy). If you have a full length gown (or maybe you still have your prom dress from back in the day), you'll need that, earrings and a necklace. For Sajak, bring out the suit and print out a puzzle or a wheel to bring along with you. Bonus costume idea: Wear the fancy clothes and wear animal masks, and you've become party animals.


Snapchat Filters

There are so many to choose from, but the easiest would be grabbing a flower crown (or making one really quickly by tying fake flowers together with twine as in this tutorial.) or cat ears ($7, Party City) plus some makeup to draw on the nose.


The Walking Dead Couple

Take some clothes you know you're going to give away or that are already tattered and torn. Rip them up even more. Get some fake blood ($4, Stage Makeup Online) or use red lipstick ($3, Target) to stain your clothes. Mat out your hair by using a fine-toothed comb, and add makeup and fake blood (or red lipstick) on your face to really look like you've risen from the dead. There's also this complete makeup kit ($5, Target).


Piglet and Pooh Bear

This is great if you're going trick-or-treating with the family. For Pooh you're going to need a mustard colored hoodie ($11.99, Hanes), a red V-neck T-shirt ($2.99, Target), mustard colored khakis ($19.97, Old Navy) that match your hoodie, and brown shoes. For Piglet you'll need pink ears and a pink T-shirt dress ($9.99, H&M) or a pink leotard ($11.99, American Eagle) with pink tights ($5.99, Walmart).


Snow Bunnies

You know those people at the ski resort who are more about drinking hot cocoa and enjoying the views of the mountain rather than hitting the slopes? Embody that vibe with all your winter clothes. You'll be warm and comfy in this costume too if you're going to be outside. Bundle up in a sweater, a puffy jacket, an oversized scarf, boots, and a warm hat. If you have them, add ski goggles and mittens.



Be a pair of mummies with as much gauze as you can carry out of the pharmacy. Wear leggings or yoga pants underneath and a three-quarter inch T-shirt. Start anywhere and keep wrapping your arms, legs, body and face, with gauze. Play with makeup to bring the look together.

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