7 Father's Day Gifts For The Techie Dad In Your Life

by Steph Montgomery

As Father's Day quickly approaches, it's time to shop for the dads in your life. But if your dad or partner is into the latest tech, and you aren't a techie yourself, it might be difficult to find the perfect gift. So if you have no idea where to even start looking for Father's Day gifts for the techie dad, look no further. There are amazing gifts still available at both small and big price points that are sure to make even the most tech-savvy dad feel appreciated for the geek he is.

For dads with babies or toddlers, nothing says Happy Father's Day like noise-cancelling headphones, right? Give your favorite dad the gift of a little peace and quiet with a gift he can use all year. If music is his thing, you can spring for a subscription to Spotify, only $14.99 per month for a Premium Ffamily account, so he can make playlists and listen on any of his devices. If your techie dad constantly loses his charger cable, you can get him a few extras to keep around the house. And for his own personal assistant, and a smarter home for both of you, you can get your partner an Amazon Echo Smart Speaker, an Echo Dot, or both, on sale now on and just in time for Father's Day. If your dad or partner is a gamer geek, a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Classic Edition will remind him of his childhood, and let him make new memories with his kids.

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