7 Genius Hacks For Breastfeeding In Cold Weather, Because Baby Did Not Order Frozen Milk

With the weather starting to cool down, breastfeeding is going to get a little more difficult. Thankfully, you don't have to go out and purchase a whole new winter wardrobe to nurse. There are plenty of breastfeeding hacks for cold weather that will not only save you time and money, but will also get you through the chilly season.

One idea you can try is the classic two shirt method, or did you know that putting heating pads on your boobs will not only keep you warm but help milk flow? Our bodies are a wonderland. It's nuts how the weather change can affect so much more than just our mood — it can impact our bodies tremendously.

Winter is prime time for cold season, and when you get sick, cold medicine is the last thing you want to take while nursing. A study from British Pharmacological Society says that cold medication can decrease the production of milk, so sites like Parents suggest avoiding taking cold medicine the first few weeks after giving birth. It's essential during this winter season to stay warm and healthy, which many can agree can be hard to do when half your body is exposed. That is why these genius winter breastfeeding hacks will help you stay the super parent you are this upcoming season.


Wear Two Shirts

Have you heard about the two shirt method? If not, it's about to change your life. When breastfeeding, you don't want to expose yourself completely, especially with the winter season just around the corner. Layering is a great way to solve this problem and keep you warm too. All you have to do is wear two shirts, and pull one shirt down and the other up so that only your breast is exposed, keeping the rest of your body warm.


Bring A Blanket Scarf

It is the season for pumpkin spice, boots, and, oh yes, big blanket scarves. These XL scarves are perfect for breastfeeding as they act as a shield to protect you, your baby, and your boobs from the cold all winter long.


Master The Baby Carrier

While on the go, wearing your baby is a great way to stay warm and bond with your child. Breastfeeding while sitting or walking may take a bit of practice, and the stars need to align just right, but once you get it, this will entirely change your life. Just put your baby carrier on, put the baby in it, and then throw on a big cozy jacket. No one will even know what's happening. This will help you both stay warm and keep you from having to take the carrier on and off again.


Find A Coffee Shop

Take advantage of coffee shops. This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a quiet atmosphere and a comfy place to breastfeed. Coffee shops are usually warm and always have a bunch of cozy couches.


Put Your Shirt On Backwards

Haven't you heard of this new trend? Well, it's actually not a trend. Some people may not even notice your shirt is on backwards. That's the best thing about shirts that have zippers on the back. These shirts will transform the way you breastfeed. Mommy blogger, Kara Carrero says that this hack changed her life in a video she posted on her blog.


Hold Heating Pads On Your Boobs

This is not only a funny hack but a very useful one too. Holding heating pads over your boobs before and after nursing will not only keep you warm, but it will also help release milk. According to Rachel's Remedies, "studies have shown that there is a significantly greater amount of milk produced from breasts that have had moist heat application before breastfeeding or pumping versus breasts that have not. The reason for this is that moist heat increases circulation and improves vascular tone (meaning it allows the milk ducts to open rather than constrict). Additionally, because moist heat stimulates oxytocin, milk can flow more easily." This is my personal favorite hack that will keep your boobies warm all winter long.


Invest In A Heated Blanket

With these cold winter ahead, it may not be a bad idea to invest in a heated blanket. Just wrap it around your favorite rocking chair, and it will make those late night breast feedings a little bit cozier.

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