7 "Gentle" Pregnancy Sex Positions For The Third Trimester, That Still Feel *Good*

by Tessa Shull

During pregnancy, sex is tricky to navigate – understandably. Your body is changing, your baby bump is growing, and things that were once familiar to you start to feel uncomfortable, awkward, or even painful. Especially once you near the end, sex might feel like a pointless endeavor. Luckily, there are gentle pregnancy sex positions for the third trimester you should definitely try out.

Adjusting your sex positions each trimester to your ever-growing body can assist in keeping sex still feel good. In the third trimester specifically, switching things up so the woman has more control of penetration is especially helpful, and with positions like doggy style, woman on top, and more, you'll hopefully be able to relax and enjoy yourself.

In an interview with Romper, OB-GYN Dr. Vasiliki Moragianni of Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine says, "Sex during pregnancy is safe but can sometimes be uncomfortable or painful ... primarily due to the pregnant woman’s changing body. As a pregnancy progresses, the growing abdomen, swollen vaginal tissue, as well as anxiety and even the couple’s fear of hurting the baby could contribute to an uncomfortable experience." Don't worry too much though, because she changing positions and using lubricant are two immediate things you can do to make the experience better for everyone, she advises.

If you're pregnant and already in (or approaching) your third trimester, try these positions to alleviate discomfort and continue enjoying your sex life before baby arrives.


Woman On Top

In an interview conducted by Parents, sexologist and certified sex educator Dr. Logan Levkoff shared that missionary can put a lot of pressure on your third-trimester belly and limit circulation causing you to be uncomfortable. Instead, Levkoff suggested a woman-on-top position, which allows you to facilitate sex speed, penetration depth, and stay in control overall.


Rear Entry (Or Doggy Style)

In an interview with Romper, host of the @SexWithDrJess Podcast Dr. Jess O’Reilly says that doggy style, or general rear-entry, is "perfect for pregnant folks, as it reduces the pressure on your bladder or uterus, which can feel uncomfortable and increase the sensation of needing to pee." She also suggests taking control of movement by having your partner stay still while you move your hips.



Licensed marriage and sex therapist Dr. Kat Van Kirk told The Bump that perhaps the best pregnancy sex position of all is spooning. It's comfortable and honestly doesn't require a lot of effort from either party — but the best part is that it doesn't allow for too deep of penetration from your partner.


Side By Side

Side by side is an ideal, gentle sex position for your third trimester because it helps your partner keep their weight totally off of your belly, according to Baby Center. Additionally, while you're lying facing each other on your sides, it creates an opportunity for you to wedge a pillow under your back for support and place both legs on top of your partner's legs to rest.


Reverse Cowgirl

In the reverse cowgirl position, you have the unique ability to lean back or forward to control the angle of penetration, according to Women's Health magazine. This is in addition to having more control of overall speed and depth from being on top and keeping any extra, uncomfortable weight off your body.


Edge Of Bed (Or Chair)

This sex position is also referred to as the Champagne Room (I guess because it's classy and requires props?). Basically you can sit on the edge of a bed, chair, counter, or whatever you fancy, and get it on. The position allows you to scoot out and lean back, keeping the pressure off your belly and controlling the space between you and your partner. You can also regulate speed and control the intensity of thrusts this way.


Spread Eagle

O'Reilly also says that spread eagle is a sex-tactic all about your satisfaction. "Prop your head up with a few pillows, spread your legs and tell your partner to go down and do all of the work with their fingers, tongue, lips, breath, and toys," O'Reilly tells Romper. Considering you've been growing a little one in your uterus for seven or more months, she's adamant that it's the very least your partner can do for you.

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