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7 High Energy Cat Breeds That Are Basically Like Dogs

So you want a cat. You want that cute feline face with the hypnotic eyes and pink little nose. You want the long furry tail, and the motorboat purr when it winds around your ankles. But maybe you also want a more interactive pet experience. An animal who is playful and curious. A pet that doesn’t exit the room when you enter, and actually seems to be vaguely interested in whether you live or die... Well, might I suggest one of these weirdo high-energy cat breeds that are more like dogs?

Cats are generally considered to have detached, snobby demeanors. (RIP Grumpy Cat.) Which I guess is why we like to smash slices of bread over their heads and slide them down the stairs in cardboard boxes —they are generally so staid, it's amusing to get a reaction out of them. But there are in fact many cat breeds who defy the aloof kitty stereotype, and actually have more in common with bounding, excitable puppies. Below, I round up some of the more dog-like cats out there, for anyone who dreams of putting a rambunctious puss on a leash and making their neighbors question whether they're dabbling in strange, new drugs.


The Abyssinian

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Animal Planet noted that these cats are so playful, they are sometimes called "the border collie of the cat world." This breed loves to play, and according to Paw Culture, can even be taught tricks.

Unlike most felines who look at you like they'd like to put their claws directly into your eyeballs should you try to coax them near liquids, the Abyssinian actually enjoys frolicking in the water, just like a pup.


The Bombay

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According to CheatSheet, this sleek little feline is a perfect match for dog lovers. It's cool with being taken out on a leash, and even enjoys playing catch with something other than a mouse corpse. Don't believe me? Here's a Bombay fetching a dirty sock for its owner.


The Burmese

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As per The Happy Cat Site, the Burmese is one of the friendliest cat breeds, and very much wants your attention. So much so, it's often called "The Velcro Cat" for its attachment tendencies, and its penchant for following its owner from room to room.

Because it's a people lover, this kitty is more inclined to opt for your lap instead of an armchair. Though be aware — VetStreet also describes Burmese as being like "bricks wrapped in silk" due to their deceptively heavy weight. Which coincidentally, is exactly how I felt at my junior prom. #dresswaytootight.


The Birman

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The Birman seems like a nice balance of kitty and hound. Paw Culture describes them as attention-seeking and playful, but unlike the velcro-y Burmese, the Birman knows when to chill and give you some space.

Important to note: because the Birman are so friendly, they aren't the kind of cat one can just shoo outside, as other cats or dogs may take advantage of their easy-going nature and attack.

The site Catappy claims that male Birman are "very talkative in nature" and have a "very soft and enjoyable voice." Which I am assuming to mean all boy Birman sound like Tom Hiddleston reading Christopher Marlowe.


The Manx

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Possess an irrational fear of cat tails, but also long for a puss that responds when called? Then might I suggest the Manx? This tail-less kitty is known for being smart and loyal, and according to SheKnows, it not only will respond to its own name, it also understands "no."

According to the Cat Fancier's Association, the Manx gets along well with children and, like dogs, will even act as a protector. Cat Fancier also reports that they "have a great sense of humor and are not above playing practical jokes on their families." So should you awaken and discover your bra in the freezer, you know who to blame: Whiskers.


The Sphynx

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The Sphynx is extremely affectionate, making it a good match for anyone seeking a canine-like companion. It is also hairless, making it good for anyone seeking a pet resembling sentient bologna. (Very cute sentient bologna, mind you!)

The Cat Fancier Association says these striking creatures "have abundant energy and are mischievous, always wanting to be with you, on you, or showing off for you." So basically, the toddler version of cats.


The Maine Coon

Maine Coons are often recognizable for their over-sized, fluffy tails, which are often attached to over-sized, fluffy bodies. (Perhaps you recall Samson, the 28-pound Maine Coon in New York City, who ate up to six cans of food a day?) says that while these guys might look like big bruisers, they are actually gentle giants. They're also social, comical, and "will go out of their way to entertain their human companions." So it you're looking for a cat that not only acts like a hound, but is built like one as well, the Maine Coon is a solid choice.

Should you need further convincing of their cuteness, I encourage you to view the video of five Maine Coon kittens nodding in unison.