7 'Hocus Pocus' Costumes To Put A Spell On Your Entire Family

So your little one wants to be a witch. But not just any old, pointy black hat, green nose witch. She wants to be one of the silly, camp-tastic, swirly-wigged witches from 1993's Hocus Pocus. Well, you're in luck, because I've rounded up some of the most adorable and fabulous Hocus Pocus costumes for your wee witch (or yourself) to run amok in this Halloween.

The film Hocus Pocus of course stars Sarah Jessica Parker (the Carrie witch), Kathy Najimy (totally the Miranda witch), Bette Midler (Samantha witch, obvs), and Doug Jones (Charlotte witch), and is a goofball tale of the Sanderson sisters: three witches who were hanged to death during the Salem witch trials, but who manage to come back 300 years later to wreak havoc on Halloween.

It is, one could say, a rather lighthearted retelling of that dark period in history, where women really were burned alive or drowned for such evils as drinking alcohol and staying up too late playing shuffleboard. But anyhoo! Bette Midler wears funny teeth and someone rides a vacuum cleaner like a broom, so let's just enjoy ourselves and move on, shall we?

If you should find these witchy ideas too expensive or labor intensive, I suppose you could always carry a small black goat and hang out of a tree completely naked, and just tell everyone you're the witch from The Witch. That would definitely be cheaper. Though would also likely involve the police... And, of course, you'd have to track down a goat.


Baby Sanderson Sister

These crazy cute Sanderson sister tutu-dresses from Etsy are both precious and handmade. You can choose the dress of your preferred sister, and the sizes run from infant all the way to a kid's 8/9. Though take note — the velvet cloak is not included.


Kid Sanderson Sister

Another great option from Etsy, these very flouncy and fun tulle costumes are handmade, and run from 12 months to a child's size 12. There's a costume for each sister, though my personal favorite is Mary's, as it features a fanny pack for storing potions/mini Twix.


Sexy Sanderson Sister

Spirit Halloween is fully stocked with Sanderson sister attire, with loads of huge wigs and faux-brocade velveteen cloaks. They also offer a sexy Sanderson Sister option, for any moms who want to be buck-toothed witches, but sexy buck-toothed witches.


Billy Butcherson

This jacket and tattered shirt from Spirt Halloween is an excellent starter for your Billy Butcherson-just-crawled-out-of-a-grave look. Add a messy black wig and throw some baby powder on your face, and you're all set! If people don't recognize you, put on two Freddy Krueger gloves and tell them you're Edward Scissorhands. And if people still don't recognize you, light a cigarette and just say you're Johnny Depp.


Adult Mary Sanderson

Amazon also has some lovely Sanderson sister selections, and I'm quite fond of this elaborate Mary ensemble, which comes complete with a swirl wig. Straddle your Dirt Devil and hit the streets, and I assure you you'll be the talk of the neighborhood. And your kids will likely pretend not to know you.


Fancy Sarah Sanderson

If you really want to go for it, and feel like a fully-realized Sarah Sanderson, you might want to splurge on this fancy get-up. It even has a lace-up corset, which could be nice if at the last minute you opt to be Emily Dickinson instead, and just put small hand-written poems about loneliness into children's trick-or-treat bags. Which is sure to be a big hit!


Baby Billy Butcherson

This is an easy, comfy option if you would like for your baby to in some way pay tribute to Billy Butcherson, but don't necessarily want to coat your infant in greasepaint or jam a wig on his head. This very cute little cotton onesie is a nice, simple solution.