7 Horrible Things About Kissing That Everyone Thinks, But Won't Say

When I was younger, I built up the idea of my first kiss so much that when it finally rolled around it was a huge let down. It was nothing like the passionate kissing I saw on television and movies. And who knew there was going to be tongue involved? Not this girl! This kiss checked many boxes for the horrible things about kissing. But I'm glad I didn't give up, because it eventually got so much better.

As with anything you want to be good at, practice makes perfect, and kissing is no exception. Not many people are born with the kissing skills that make their partners melt — you have to earn your stripes. That means you're probably going to fumble through some pretty rough make out sessions before earning your gold star. And once you figure out how to do things right, you're not going to want to stop.

But even if you become a master of the French kiss and learn all the techniques and tricks, there are still some pretty gross things about kissing. Though the negatives aren’t quite enough to make you give up kissing altogether, there are enough that may keep you from kissing the next stranger you drunkenly meet at the bar. So next time you’re thinking of smooching a new drunken conquest, consider the seven horrible things about kissing. You could save yourself from an awful experience, and maybe even a cold come Flu season.


Bad Breath

No one wants to taste what you had for lunch when making out, but not all steamy kisses can be preceded by a thorough brushing and flossing. Bad breath is a big culprit of bad kisses. So the next time you think you might be locking lips, remember that a little gum goes a long way.


Beard Burn

If it's guys you usually kiss, than you may be familiar with some uncomfortable face conditions when your man hasn't shaved. Unless your guy's face is as smooth as a baby's bottom, your chin area may have been taken prisoner by his stubble. As many women told Allure, they sooth beard burn with creams and lotions to ease the sting and soften the redness.


Momentary Memory Loss

Ever start making out to try and move on from an argument? You're not alone. According to Psychology Today, many people use kissing to try to end a fight. But if this move have ever been used on you, you might be a little mad at the distraction from your angry rant.


Saliva Overload

Swapping spit is more than just a messy side effect of kissing. In fact, there are an insane amount of germs being passed back and forth from just one smooch. Women's Health reported that 80 million microbes are exchanged from open-mouthed kissing. Not that it will stop you, but don't say you haven't been told.


Crushing The Crush

Isn't it the worst when you finally get to kiss your long time crush, only to discover they are a terrible kisser? Even after a second (or third, or tenth) chance, you realize that you can't spend your time frenching a beginner, no matter how incredibly cute they are.


Anticipation Overload

One of the worst things about kissing is waiting for the kiss to happen. The anticipation can drive you bonkers. Waiting to see who will make the first move, hoping that tonight is the night — it's all too much to handle.


Wanting More

Unfortunately things like working, eating, and sleeping get in the way of your make out schedule. The biggest downside to kissing, is not having enough time to do more of it. Looks like you'll just have t add this to your daily to-do list.

Images: Valeria C Preisler/Flickr; Giphy (7)