7 Instagram Moms Whose Food Photos Shame Us in the Best Way

Social media is more than just a way to keep in touch with your college roommate — it’s a great source of inspiration and camaraderie, especially as a mom. It’s hard to feel alone when you search a hashtag like #upallnight and find hundreds of other moms rocking their babies back to sleep at three in the morning. I’ve been inspired by so many different blogs and tweets, but Instagram has to be my favorite. From funny hashtags highlighting the hard parts of parenting to inspiring mom and kiddo stylings, all your bases are covered. One of the best? Instagram moms who share food photos.

Look, food is a favorite of just about everybody, but pair it with a mom who’s wrangling kids all day, working, trying to keep her head above water, and still putting a meal on the table? That’s pretty much the definition of inspiration. Some of my favorite make some wonderful meals for their kids, meals that inspire me to put away the chicken nuggets and make my own daughter some homemade soup. Others highlight the adult meals and remind me that it’s OK to take care of yourself and your partner with some delicious food. We don’t have to survive on peanut butter sandwich crusts and leftover Goldfish. We can enjoy food, be inspired, and complain about the dishes like these nine Instagram moms. They may use their food photos to put us to shame, but it’s in the absolute best way, encouraging us to put down the takeaway menu and hit the grocery store.


Michelle Olivier of Baby FoodE

Michelle’s popular blog, Baby FoodE, is a great resource for moms looking for quick, healthy food ideas for their little ones. With two toddlers, aged three and one, Michelle posts tons of lunch, breakfast, and dinner trays on her Instagram to inspire your own culinary adventures. She’s pulled me out of many a PB&J rut.


Jessica Garvin of Little Baby Garvin

Blogger and mom of three little girls, Jessica Garvin, chronicles the little ways she makes life fun for her babes through Instagram and her blog, Little Baby Garvin. Her food pictures, usually of some delicious looking breakfast, look cosy, comforting, and perfect for you and your own little ones.


Leslie Mingo of Dylbug

Mom and business owner Leslie brings “playing with your food” to a new level with her company, Dylbug, and their personalized plates. Not to mention, she makes totally fun things like “mummy pizza” and officially gets my butt in gear for fun, holiday-themed lunches.


James Kicinski McCoy of Bleubird

Not only is her Instagram full of her stylish kiddos, but James of Bleubird shows off some drool-worthy culinary skills, too. I mean, look at those eggs! And without a lot of tablescape frills, her food pics look real and inspirational.


Alison Faulkner of The Alison Show

A lover of parties, Alison of The Alison Show has an Instagram feed filled with fun and merriment, even when she’s posting pictures of food. Like these delightful cupcakes for her daughter’s birthday party at school, cupcakes she says the little one didn’t deserve for refusing to put on shoes that morning. Ugh. I love her and her cupcake pics.


Johnna Holmgren of Fox Meets Bear

I never really thought of food as pretty until I found Johnna’s Instagram. Blogging at Fox Meets Bear, this adventurous mama is into exploring, her sweet babies, and creating good, hearty, delicious food for her family. Her pictures look incredibly natural and will make you want to start chopping veggies ASAP.


Emily Meyers of The Freckled Fox

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it. Emily blogs at The Freckled Fox, is a mom to five children under the age of five and is still able to bake homemade banana bread and post drool-worthy photos of it on Instagram. Talk about giving you a kick in the pants.