7 Kids' TV Shows & Movies Coming To Netflix In May That Your Whole Family Can Enjoy

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Bob D’Amico/Disney Channel

There was once a time when spring meant forcing your kids out into the fresh outdoors, and while I'm all for that, I'm also a huge supporter of quiet time. It's the thing you graduate to once your three-year-old has zero interest in actual naps anymore. I'm also a proponent of evening relaxation in the form of Netflix and literal chilling. Luckily, all of the kids' TV shows and movies coming to Netflix in May will make it possible to do that as a family.

And while cartoons are all well and good, let's be honest — even toddlers these days know the value in a good live-action TV show or movie. Among the kids' content coming to Netflix in May are both movies and TV shows, which means a decent variety, and while it's easy to mourn what leaves the streaming platform each month, it's also fun to wait for what comes next.

I'm not saying I drop my kid in front of the TV and let him have at it on Netflix, but he now knows his way around his iPad and I'd much rather have him watching Happy Feet than a random YouTube video that's vaguely inappropriate. And all of the kids' TV shows and movies coming to Netflix in May will give you and your own kids something to enjoy together.