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7 Last-Minute Sibling Halloween Costume Ideas For The Perfect Pair

Sure, it's fun to plan out Halloween costumes well in advance if your kids want a specific look. But if your kids don't have a certain costume in mind or the holiday just snuck up on you, then you may be left in a bit of a lurch. With a little creativity, however, your can utilize some last-minute sibling Halloween costume ideas to pull together some great looks. Whether you're looking for something spooky, funny, or adorable, these costume ideas are sure to be a hit.

Because few things are less appealing than the idea of dragging your kids around an overcrowded costume shop, you can craft these DIY costumes yourself. Sure, you may need to reach deep into those closets and sacrifice a shirt or two for the cause, but in the end your kids will have some creative, coordinating sibling costumes for nearly nothing. Best of all, you can use these ideas as a jumping-off point for your own creations. All of these ideas can be tailored based on your own creative skills and what you happen to have lying around the house. Chances are, these clever costumes may become some of your kids' all-time favorite Halloween looks. Read on for more inspiration.


Scene Kids

Sure, your little ones probably weren't even born when this was a thing. That will make your kids' emo look that much more adorable. You'll need some black kicks ($13), red skinny pants ($11), an edgy top ($19) or onesie ($20), eyeliner ($8), and colorful clip-in hair extensions ($11). And an MCR necklace ($5) will really polish off the look.


Archaeologist & Mummy

Put your own spin on the classic Halloween costume. Wrap one kid in white gauze ($7) or cheesecloth, and add a little eyeliner ($7) for effect. (See Luiza Burhai's Egyptian eyeliner tutorial for some inspiration.) Maybe throw on an ankh necklace ($34). For your archaeologist, go with a tan shirt ($23) and pants ($25), then add in a safari hat ($17) and ridiculous magnifying glass ($3).


Cave Kids

Why not go really old-school this year? Start with a leopard tunic ($30) or leopard top ($20) and black leggings ($9) or pants ($10). Throw in a big club ($3) or a stick from the yard. Make your kids' hair really wild with gel or colorful hairspray ($3), and add a bone hair clip ($4) for that extra touch.


Charlie Brown & Lucy

If you want your kids to have the most adorable costumes of all time, then look no further. You'll need a Charlie Brown shirt ($15), black shorts ($4), yellow socks, and brown shoes ($7). Lucy will rock a cute blue dress ($5), blue socks ($15), and saddle oxfords ($18). Carry around a Snoopy plush ($24) or football ($7) to really finish off the look.


Little Red Riding Hood & Wolf

Seriously, this can be the easiest costume of all. Little Red will need a red dress ($15), hoodie ($5), and basket ($8). The wolf can dress in grey pants ($8), sweatshirt ($13), and ear hat ($10). Take it to the next level with a werewolf face painting tutorial from Face Paintify and whatever makeup you have already.


Zombie Kids

Do you have loads of clothes your kids don't wear any more? Destroy them in the name of Halloween. Take an old shirt ($5) and pants ($6) or dress ($7) and cut slashes in them. Use pinking shears ($8) for fun zig-zag cuts. Let your kids scribble on them with markers ($4). Layer these tatters over a regular outfit, then use an easy zombie makeup tutorial for kids to round out the look. You can use a zombie children makeup ($9) kit, or whatever cosmetics you have on hand.



Think of old-timey cartoon train robbers. Your kids can wear matching striped shirts ($11) and black pants ($12) for a base. Add in bandanas ($4) and cowboy hats ($9) if you have them. Get a loot bag ($12), or take an old grocery tote and sketch a big dollar sign on it. If you like, draw on some mustaches with an eyeliner pen ($2). Now your kids are ready to shake down all of your neighbors for candy.