7 Little Things Your Partner Can Do For You That Lead To A Great Sex Life

Revving up your sex life does not have to involve lavish vacations or expensive lingerie (although those things certainly do not hurt). In fact, the little things your partner can do for you that lead to a great sex life are all pretty easy and affordable. But they all demonstrate your partner’s desire to have a giving and fulfilling relationship, which is the best aphrodisiac of all.

Spending time together, talking openly, and putting away electronic distractions can make your sexy time that much sexier. The more your partner can focus on you (and vice versa), the more in-tune you will be with one another. And that increased connection will lead to an even hotter love life.

You already know the things you can do for your partner that lead to a great sex life, so now it’s your partner’s turn to get a relationship tune-up. The tips are simple enough — one can literally mean you guys Netflix and chill — but they may lead to big improvements in the bedroom. Because feeling like you’re connected and appreciated is one of the easiest ways to stoke the fires in your relationship. “Accidentally” leaving this piece on your tablet for your SO to read, or sending a direct link if you’re more up-front, is 100 percent acceptable.


Create Traditions

Having something fun to look forward to every week can bring you closer as a couple. As explained in Stylecaster, creating little traditions, such as a standing dinner date or weekly show you watch together, is a great way to bond. If you just happen to end this tradition in the bedroom every time, that's completely acceptable.


Get You Out Of The House

Get out of the house sometimes. As suggested by WebMD, occasionally springing for a hotel can help you both stay in the moment and really enjoy your sex lives. When you're removed from all the reminders of your daily responsibilities, it's easier to focus on one another. And if you can't swing a hotel right now, there's always car sex.


Maintain A Regular Workout Routine

If your partner is a dedicated gym rat, chances are your sex life can only benefit. The perks go beyond physical appearances, too. As explained in Fitness, regular exercise will strengthen your SO's cardiovascular system, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem. And a chilled-out, healthy partner is a sexy partner.


Avoid Distractions

Few things are more alluring than a partner who will put down his cell phone for you. According to the Daily Mail, putting your phones away and focusing on one another is a great way to make your sex extra-special. Because sometimes texting can wait.


Use Lube

This tip is more practical than cerebral. But according to Woman's Day, lube can make sex more pleasurable for both partners and ease any pain. You can almost never have too much.


Talk About It

You've heard it a thousand times: communication is the key to successful relationships. So if your partner is willing to chat about all aspects of your love life — the good and the improvable — you're probably in a good place, as explained by Health. Because talking it out is the only way to make sure you're both getting your needs met.


Prioritize Your O

A considerate partner is the gift that keeps giving. If your SO cares about helping you climax, and willingly takes instruction, then your sex life is probably pretty great, as explained in Cosmopolitan. You will, of course, return the favor.