7 Masturbation Hacks For When You Need A Little Something Extra

by Meg Kehoe

You've been there. You've got your eyes closed, you're focusing diligently at the task at hand (literally), and you still can't get off. Ugh. Is there anything worse than working your fingers into a frenzy so much that your hand starts cramping, without even managing to give yourself an orgasm? No, no there is not. That's why, sometimes, you need a few masturbation hacks in the sack, to get you back on track, spice up your life, and give your hand a break.

I know what you're thinking — are there really masturbation hacks out there? Searching these questions in the deep corners of the Internet can be mildly terrifying, I mean, who know when you'll have time to clear your search bar history. And yet, these are the questions you need answered when you need them answered. If you're used to masturbating to the same old routine, there's no shame in stepping up your getting off game. Whether your hand needs a break, or you need a little bit of extra help to get yourself into the zone — there's a hack for that. Because at the end of the day, even the seemingly simple changes to your masturbation techniques can make a world of difference.


Use Lube

Lube is for anyone who needs a little extra glide in their goodies. You've suffered from not being wet enough to get yourself off before, and you'll suffer again. So do yourself a favor and pick up a handy dandy container of lube the next time you're at the store, and put it to good use.


Add A Pillow

Leave behind your vibrator, give your hand a break, and try something new. While humping a pillow might seem a little elementary in the masturbation game, it's and oldie and a goodie.


Keep Your Panties On

Yeah, you heard me. Keep your panties on. If you're having an especially hard time getting off, try keeping a layer between your skin-to-skin contact. It'll help eliminate excess friction that might make you uncomfortable. This is an especially good trick to try while you're using a new prop like a pillow.


Roll Over

You heard me, roll over. Rather than laying on your back beneath the covers, roll over, try a new position with yourself, get frisky! You don't have sex in the same position every time, right? Masturbating is no different. Try out a few different positions and rotate them through your routine.


Read Erotic Fiction

Sometimes you just can't be bothered to find a satisfying porn to get your juices flowing, and that's when you turn to erotic fiction. I know, you're probably thinking, no thank you 50 Shades of Grey! But really, trust me, there is some eloquently written erotic fiction out there that will absolutely blow your mind, and shake up your masturbation game in a big way.


Watch Porn

There's no reason to be embarrassed about watching porn. Watching porn can be great foreplay when you're getting down with yourself, or a partner. Turn on your favorite and get yourself in the mood instead of diving right in.


Change Up Your Fantasy

Sometimes, the same old fantasy night after night gets old. Try spicing up your fantasy a little. Rather than relying on ole faithful to get you in the mood to get off, try stretching your imagination. A new fantasy can take you to new heights, and can take you new places in your masturbation routines. Try it.