7 Minimalist Toys On Amazon That Moms Make Room For


Kids can be messy, and as a parent, it isn't always easy cleaning up after everyone. There's no doubt that clutter in the home causes stress, anxiety, and an overall frustration. Especially when you're looking for that one thing you need, at the exact time you need it, but you can't find it among all the piles of paperwork, toys, books — the list goes on. So, if you're trying to declutter and simplify your life, but don't want to sacrifice your child's enrichment, here are some minimalist toys on Amazon that moms make room for. These toys are not only important for your little one's growth and development — they're fundamentally important when it comes to your child being able to play independently. In short, you'll be happy to make room for these great toys.

All kids are different and may learn in different ways, but these toys all have one thing in common — they help kids develop. Whether it's developing movement skills, emotional skills, or basic recognition, these basic toys will help your child flourish without the clutter. You can limit each category to just one or a few of each, depending on what it is. For example, one balance bike is plenty if your child is ready to develop their balance and gross motor skills, however maybe several books, including a few of the classics, is best so your child can enjoy some variety.

1. Blocks

Blocks are a great learning tool and these blocks are beautifully handmade with no toxic dyes or varnish, making them also interesting to touch because the wooden feel is natural. Your child can build, stack, and create masterpieces with this multicolor and multi-height building block set. You can also invest in some Duplo LEGOs or Magna-Tiles for some equally interesting creations.

Grimm's Wooden Building Blocks




Handmade in Germany, these classic stacking blocks are made to help children engage in open-ended and independent play using vibrant colors and easy to grasp shapes. Grimm's uses the concepts of Waldorf and Montessori education in their unique toy design. Non-toxic water-based dyes are used without lacquer or varnish to keep toys safe while maintaining a unique feel for tactile development.

2. Books

It's no doubt that kids love books and they benefit from them, too. Not only are they learning important life lessons while being read to, they're exercising their imagination and spending some quality time with their favorite people while. They can even take a turn reading to you. If you're trying to minimize the book collection though, opt for a Kindle and keep just the essential hardcopies on the bookshelf, like The Little Engine That Could.

The Little Engine That Could (Original Classic Edition)



The classic children's book tells the story of a train full of toys that breaks down before it has reached its destination. A little blue engine comes to the rescue in this sweet tale of perseverance and kindness.

4. Art Materials

Allowing your child to explore their artistic abilities is rewarding and fun. All you need is one good art set in the right space, and your child will be learning and entertaining themselves for hours. Plus, you won't have to deal with all kinds of messy paint sets, markers, broken crayons, and coloring books.

Watercolor Paint Set



This washable paint kit comes with 12 vibrant, non-toxic colors that will help your child bring out their inner artist and engage in hours of artistic fun and exploration.

5. Movement

Kids need time outside for many things, including developing their gross motor skills. This balance bike is a great way to do just that. It's small enough to be tucked away in a corner or hung up on a rack when it's not in use, plus it grows with your child so they can ride it for years before you will ever need a new one. If you ask me, these balance bikes beat those clunky training wheels any day.

Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike




This balance bike grows with your child and is designed to help develop balance and gross motor skills. Recommended for children aged 18 months to 5 years.

6. Dolls

Dolls are a great way for kids to learn to play independently, problem solve, and learn empathy and how to take care of another person. Just one doll will do though, so there's no need to start a collection and add to the clutter.

Soft Body Doll



This realistic looking baby doll has a soft cuddly body that makes it easy for young children to hold and play with for hours of imaginary play.

7. Sensory Toys & Balls

Sensory toys are beneficial and entertaining for the little ones, plus this ball is great for older kids, too. The younger toddlers will be excited about its bumpy texture and bright colors, while kids of all ages will love to play and develop movement and coordination abilities. Plus this ball is easy enough to tuck away in a bin when playtime is all done.

Edushape Sensory See-Me Ball



Great for tactile exploration and gross motor development, this visually stimulating ball helps develop color recognition skills, recommended for children 6 months and up.