7 New Snapchat Filter Halloween Costumes, Because 2017 Just Keeps Getting Weirder

If only picking out a Halloween costume were as easy as applying a Snapchat filter, the holiday would be absolutely perfect. In the meantime, though, you can draw inspiration from the popular app to create a topical, fun look for October 31. Choosing from the new Snapchat filter Halloween costumes will make your celebration more fun than a dancing hot dog.

To back up for a second, what is Snapchat all about? A social app, Snapchat allows users to send photos and quick videos to one another. The important point: these messages disappear forever a few moments after the recipients view them. This ability to be forgotten has made the app powerfully popular. In fact, 158 million people use Snapchat daily, creating 2.8 billion snaps every day, according to Business Insider. Unlike other media platforms, snaps give users a sense of privacy, so there isn't pressure to create a perfect image that will last forever and ever. It's a quick, fun, and funny way to stay in touch with friends.

In addition, Snapchat's addictive filters bring a sense of playfulness to the app. Animated flower crowns, rainbow vomit, and the ubiquitous puppy face appear in snaps every day, transforming user's faces into something extraordinary. In 2017, Snapchat released a new set of filters including a dancing hot dog, a koala face, and a raccoon hat. Using these adorable, weird, and hilarious filters as costume inspiration is a fantastic way to create a memorable Halloween look.


Dancing Hot Dog

Of all the recent Snapchat filters, the dancing hot dog must be the most famous. It kicked off a whole series of memes and general internet reactions. To recreate this fun little dude, wear a lightweight hot dog costume ($19, Amazon) and a pair of over-ear green headphones ($15, Amazon). Go dance the night away.


Giant Plant Crown

Step aside, flower crown: there's a new piece of plant head gear around. Take a mini grape ivy chain garland ($9, Michael's) and hot glue it to a basic plastic headband ($3, Michael's). Add in some floral print glasses ($4, AliExpress) and you're good to go.


Heart Glasses & Raccoon Hat

If you thought the cat hat filter was great (and it totally was), then you probably loved the raccoon hat filter as well. To make your own, start with a basic dad hat ($21, Pacsun). Safety-pin a cute toy raccoon ($6, BBToyStore) to it. For extra flair, wrap a faux fur raccoon tail ($21, Amazon) around the top of the hat. Throw on some heart aviator glasses ($10, Amazon) and you're all set.


Scary Face Filter

It's the perfect Snapchat look for Halloween. Get a pair of retro style glasses ($8, Amazon) and some Pennywise costume teeth ($50, Mostly Dead). Although I couldn't find a specific tutorial for this filter, the excellent Snapchat filters makeup tutorial from Madeyewlook can give you some ideas for creating the big eyes and curved brows.


Waffle Filter

OK, so this filter has been out for over a year, but it definitely deserves mention as a potential costume. Strangely, though, I could not locate a ready-made waffle mask for sale anywhere online. So for a DIY version, print or draw a giant waffle picture onto sturdy foam board ($13, Office Depot), cut out eye & mouth holes, and attach it to a blank mask with strap ($7, Amazon). That particular waffle image is from Better Homes & Gardens, but you may want to copy the filter image for more authenticity.


Koala Face Filter

This filter takes you straight into the uncanny valley, all while remaining completely adorable. The hand-painted koala mask ($58+, Etsy) mimics the koala fur's texture in a similar way to the Snapchat filter. Plus, it leaves your mouth free for gnawing on eucalyptus.


Socket Face

As far as weird filters are concerned, this one is in the top ten, so it's perfect for a Halloween costume. Start with a white morph mask ($8, Amazon), then use fine fabric markers ($20, Joann) to sketch out the light socket. Add a mouth if you're feeling daring. Now go out and disturb pretty much everyone on Halloween night.

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