7 Post-Pregnancy Sex Positions That Ease Your Return to Sex

Your first back-to-the-bedroom adventures after having a baby may be anything but fun. While I believe that sex after childbirth can be incredible (even better than before in some cases), I know that the task can also be totally daunting and scary. Most people know to take their time and arm themselves with lube, but there are also some postpartum sex positions that can make the whole thing much easier.

Regardless of the type of birth you've had, sex is a big deal after you've had a baby. Not only are your emotions all over the place thanks to those postpartum hormones, but you're also healing physically from delivery. Maybe you're sporting a new C-section scar or you had to have stitches to help with a vaginal tear. No matter what, sex may seem like the scariest, most unconquerable thing to do after having a baby. But it doesn't have to be. The trick to enjoyable postpartum sex is to take your time, be easy on yourself, and find the best sex position to make the romp that much better.

If you're not ready for postpartum sex just yet then, obviously, don't even attempt it. You'll find yourself feeling resentful, angry, and uncomfortable. But if your mojo is there and you're ready to bring sexy back, try one of these seven postpartum sex positions. They are perfect for post-baby sex and can help you transition back into your sex life. These don't have to be the only positions you use, but if you're nervous, they can definitely benefit you and your partner.



One of the simplest, but most sensual sex positions is to have your partner spoon you from behind. This position is perfect for postpartum sex because there's no weight on top of you, your partner can go as slow or as fast as you want, and it is a comfortable position for you. Your partner will also have plenty of access to your clitoris without too much pressure or friction on any stitches or scars.


Girl On Top

You're in complete control when you're the one on top, so this is a great choice for postpartum sex. You can manipulate the speed, friction, and depth without having to instruct your partner. It's also a great way to ease penetration back into your sex life if you were terrified before.


Assisted Doggy Style

Everyone knows the classic doggy style position, but when you add in some assistance, this is great for postpartum. Stack a few pillows up in front of you for you to lean against as your partner enters you from behind. You have the support you need without sacrificing the openness for your partner to enter you. This is especially great for women who might still be having abdominal pains.


Missionary With A Pillow

Place a billow under your lower back or your butt for this assisted missionary position. Huge pros? You can lay on your back and the elevated position helps your partner enter you as slowly as you'd like. You also have the perfect opportunity to kiss your partner and get really intimate with each other for your first post-baby romp.


Make An L-Shape

With you on your back, have your partner lay on his side at a right angle to enter you. Again, no added pressure, but your clitoris is easy to stimulate in this position if you're ready for it.


Cross Your Legs

Lay on your back and scoot to the edge of the bed. Have your partner stand to enter you, and cross your legs in the air like a giant X. If you were worried about your vagina not being tight enough for sex, this position can definitely ease your mind. (PS. Your vagina is totally fine.)


Sitting Up

With your partner sitting up, you can still be on top, but you don't have to worry so much about your new, milk-leaking boobs bouncing all over the place. (Because, ow, those things are heavy after having a baby.) It also brings a new level of intimacy to sex when you and your partner can wrap your arms around each other, kiss, and go as slow or fast as you want. Perfect for that first night of postpartum sex.

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