7 Potty Training Apps For Toddlers That Are Sure To Give You A "Leg Up"

Ask any parent and they'll tell you that potty training is the worst. It's especially difficult when you don't know where to start, or the right way to motivate your kid to reach potty training success. Luckily, times have changed since I potty trained my older kids and now there are tons of great potty training apps for toddlers that, if used properly can help them and their tired parents get through the experience relatively unscathed. That's the parenting dream, my friends.

When it comes to picking the perfect potty training app for your toddler, it really depends on their personality and what kinds of things motivate them. Apps like PBS Kid's Daniel Tiger's Stop & Go Potty and Sesame Workshop's Potty Time With Elmo feature familiar faces, games, music, and videos designed to make potty training feel like a game. Other apps, like PBS Kid's Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Play At Home With Daniel or Joy Preschool Game's Dino Bath & Dress Up, are not solely focused on potty training, but include a variety of learning games on other toddler-related topics like bath time and bed time. If books are your kid's thing, there's an app for that, too. The classic children's book, Once Upon A Potty is now available in app form, for your toddler to read along and learn to sing the "Potty Song."

Potty training is hard, for parents and kids alike. Fortunately for toddlers, there are now a few apps out there that might even forget they are learning something new. Check them out.

'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood': Play At Home With Daniel

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Play At Home With Daniel ($2.99 iTunes and Amazon)

This app is like having a customize-able, interactive episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on your phone. You and your child can explore topics like potty training and bedtime, along with their friends from the show and without you having to find the right episode on Netflix. As one reviewer wrote:

"These apps are sure to keep my little one entertained for those long car rides, restaurant waits or boring shopping trips. We love that Daniel tiger teaches character traits along with educational lessons. The only problem with this App? My daughter doesn't want to get off!"

Like, take my money.

Potty Time With Elmo

Potty Time With Elmo ($2.99, iPhone and Amazon).

I'm not going to lie, potty training my now 9-year-old daughter would not have been possible without Elmo's help. I am pretty sure she watched the Sesame Street - Elmo's Potty Time DVD 500 times in the process. So I was absolutely delighted to learn that there's now an app based on that video, featuring Elmo and other Sesame Street friends.

Dino Bath & Dress Up

Dino Bath & Dress Up, (Free, iTunes; $2.99, Google Play)

If dinosaurs are your toddler's thing, you might check out Dino Bath & Dress Up. It's free on iTunes and features fun games for toddlers about going potty, but also bath time and playing dress up. Since it was free, you don't have to risk spending money on an app your kid might hate.

Once Upon A Potty

Once Upon A Potty ($1.99, iTunes and Google Play)

When my daughter was potty training she loved the book Once Upon a Potty, by Alona Frankel. She literally wanted to hear it as many times a day as I was willing to read it. And now there's now an app available based on the book! Parents can choose the version for boys or girls, which really isn't that different except for the name of the main character.

With this app, your toddler will have fun learning about their potty, making different sounds — including a toilet flushing — and reading. You will love that the app also teaches them new words, and of course, how to use the potty.

Daniel Tiger's Stop & Go Potty

Daniel Tiger's Stop & Go Potty, ($2.99, iTunes, and Amazon)

If your kid loves Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, but you are looking for an app that is solely focused on potty training, Daniel Tiger's Stop & Go Potty might be a great fit. This app features friends Daniel and Katerina on a play date, learning to know when to go and how to use the potty like pros. It's currently the best-selling potty training app on Amazon, and as one five-star reviewer writes:

"A great tool for potty training my son. He adores Daniel Tiger and for him to see Daniel use the potty makes it a little more fun for him to use the potty."

Also, parents will love that the app also features Mr. Rogers himself ,giving helpful potty training tips for parents.

Perfect Potty

Perfect Potty, (Free, iTunes)

If you are in need of a reward chart that you can carry with you, Perfect Potty might be a great choice for you. This basic app is free on iTunes, and allows you and your child to track potty attempts, successes, and rewards.


Netflix (app free, iTunes and Google Play, subscription required)

There's absolutely nothing wrong with letting your toddler have a screen time reward when they are using the potty, or after they've had success. There are also some great potty training episodes available to help your toddler figure things out in a snap. Check out Special Agent Oso, Season 2, Episode 34: The Sitter Who Watched Me/Potty Royale.

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