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7 Questions 'Pretty Little Liars' Needs To Answer Before Season 7 Comes To A Close


With each passing week Pretty Little Liars get closer and closer to its epic series finale and fans are beginning to get more and more excited about finally getting answers. Over the past seven seasons, the popular murder mystery series has left fans with plenty of questions that Pretty Little Liars now needs to answer before the final installment comes to a close. From plot holes to real questions about the person who has been stalking and terrorizing the Liars for years, there's a lot that these final episodes still need to cover. It's no wonder why the series finale will be a full two hours long. There's a lot that needs to be packed in and there's not that many hours to do it in.

Many fans have already become skeptical about creator I. Marlene King's promise that every question will be answered. Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily Fields, has already confirmed that there's one question that definitely won't be answered before the show comes to an end, which is how did the "wine moms" get out of the basement back in Season 6. But I guess we can use our imaginations for that one, right?

Besides that one plot hole though, fans will supposedly get the answers they've been craving. Here are some of the main questions the show need to hit upon before the finale ends.

Who Is A.D.?

This is obviously the biggest question the show needs to answer. Fans have been theorizing about this for so long that the answer has to be good in order to not be a complete and total let down.

Who Killed Charlotte?

This is another question that has kind of fell to the wayside. It was A.D.'s main purpose when he/she first popped up, but now the storyline has moved on to other things.

Does Mary Drake Have Other Kids?

Many fans feel confident that Mary Drake has more kids than just Charlotte and Spencer, and even argue that Spencer may have an identical twin. Is this the case? Fans need to know for certain.

Who's The Father of Emily/Ali's Baby?

It was recently revealed that Ali's baby is actually the prodcut of one of Emily's stolen eggs, but it's already been confirmed the baby isn't Archer's, so who is the father?

Where Is Mary Drake?

The last fans saw of Mary Drake she was hiding out with Pastor Ted, but since then she's flown the coop. She tried to meet up with Spencer but thought Spencer ratted her out to the police so she disappeared again. Hopefully she'll return soon.

What Happened To Addison Derringer?

Other than another A.D. red herring, why was Addison on the show and where has she gone? The actress who plays her is listed as returning for the series finale on IMDB, but fans can't help but wonder why?

What Secret Is A.D. Holding Over Aria's Head?

A.D. told Aria that if Ezra knew what was in her file it wouldn't compare to Nicole's issues. So what is Aria hiding? Whatever it is, it's bad enough for her to do A.D.'s bidding.

Fans will hopefully learn the answers to all these questions during the final season of Pretty Little Liars, which airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.