7 Questions Your Kids Will Undoubtedly Ask About 'Star Wars'

Kids have always noticed Star Wars, even before The Force Awakens was in the works. They always see Star Wars merchandise in the toy aisles, a number of Leias and Hans on Halloween, and R2D2 T-shirts in the clothing section of Target. And when they get old enough to realize these toys, costumes, and clothes are associated with an amazing movie, they are about ask a series of questions about Star Wars. Especially since the Star Wars movies started at one point, and then the newer movies went to prequels, the basics can get confusing to kids.

Your child’s Star Wars-related inquiries might confuse you, even if you are a fan of the franchise. And although the idea of sitting them down to a Star Wars marathon may sound enticing, you probably don’t have the time for that right now (and, depending on your child’s age, they might not have the attention span. To help you answer your child’s inquiries about Han’s furry friend or to help you explain The Phantom Menace, we’ve outlined a few questions your child is bound to ask about Star Wars, and the best way to answer. After all, you want them to be prepared for December 18.


What Is 'Star Wars' About?

In a galaxy far, far away, there was a very bad bunch called the Galactic Empire, who use the Imperial Forces in war. The Galactic Empire is evil, and they want to take over all the planets in the Universe. They hold the Princess Leia hostage to try and stop the rebel forces from fighting them. Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, along with some other friends, go to rescue Leia, and an adventure begins.


Who Are Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo?

Princess Leia was the princess of Alderaan, and became a Senator and Jedi fighter who forcefully led her people in the great war against the evil Empire. Luke Skywalker was a farm boy who became a great Jedi fighter and a crucial part of the Rebel Forces agains the Imperial Forces. Han Solo was the captain of The Millennial Falcon, and an important part of the Rebel Alliance, even though at first he didn't want to fight.


What Is A Jedi Knight?

A Jedi Knight is a mystical knight with magical powers who is trained to keep peace and justice in the Universe. Jedi Knights have to train through the Jedi Order and complete a series of training, goals and achievements in order to be a true Jedi Knight.


Who Are C3PO, R2-D2 and Chewbacca?

C3PO is what you'd know as a robot. He speaks in a robotic, clipped voice, but attaches deeply to the people and creatures he fights alongside. He fights, like R2-D2 and Chewbacca, for the Rebel Forces and against evil. C3PO is always with R2-D2, who is another type of robot called an astromech droid, and unlike C3PO, R2-D2 was not built to look like a human. He doesn't speak English, but communicates in a series of charming noises. Chewbacca is a creature called a 'Wookie.' He is hairy, huge and can only communicate in growling, howling noises, but is a loyal and brave fighter against the bad guys, as well as being Han Solo's best friend.


Who Is Darth Vader?

One of the most famous bad guys ever, Darth Vader is... ha! You almost tricked me into telling you. You have to watch the movies to find how who he really is.


How Many 'Star Wars' Movies Are There?

So far, there are six Star Wars movies, but three more are coming. Three were made first, and then the newer ones went back in time and told the beginnings of the story. Some people have very strong opinions about the order you should watch the Star Wars films. Although none of these ways are wrong, some are better than others.


What Is Coming Next?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is opening December 18. Give your kids a quick plot summary by explaining that this new film in the series takes place 30 years after Han Solo and his crew defeated the Galactic Empire. But now, a new army of Stormtroopers led by a villain named Kylo Ren are shaking things up again. It's a simple enough explanation to get them excited about the movie without being too overwhelming.

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