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7 Quotes From Tess Holliday About Becoming A Mom & She's Killing It

I have to confess something to you guys; I have only boarded the unstoppable Tess Holliday train in the last month or so. Not because I didn't like her, I just hadn't heard of her (I know, I'm so sorry). And now I simply cannot get enough of her. Not just because she's got amazing style and is a strong woman who is continually pushing the boundaries of what I like to think of as "polite beauty", but because she's clearly fearless in every corner of her life. Parenting is no exception. These seven parenting quotes from Tess Holliday are yet another example of her unapologetic authenticity.

The plus size model and body acceptance advocate had a pretty tough childhood herself. Holliday's grandmother, Carolyn Tadlock, told The Daily Mail about her childhood growing up in a trailer park in Laurel, Misissippi and dropping out of high school at 17-years-old. Holliday was a young single mom working at Wal-Mart named Ryann Hoven when she decided to rename herself and go after her dream of being a plus size model, much to the amazement of her family;

To us it's unreal what she's made of herself. It's phenomenal. We're proud of her. She's done so well for herself and it's taken her a lot of struggle to get there. She had a hard time as a kid. She's been through a lot.

Clearly, Holliday knew she was destined for greatness. She has gone on to become one of the biggest names in modelling, size be damned, and is now happily engaged to fiancee Nick Holliday. She is also the mother of two sweet little boys; 10--year-old Rylee and new baby Bowie Juniper Holliday. She frequently takes to social media to gush about the young men in her life, and she always has something interesting to say.

"Working moms come in all shapes, sizes, colors & creeds!" #normalizebreastfeeding

Fiancee Nick Holliday snapped this iconic pic of Holliday breastfeeding son Bowie Juniper, and it served as a beautiful reminder that yes, we mothers CAN actually do it all if that's the path we choose. Oh yeah, and expecting moms to breastfeed huddled under a blanket is super weird. Hallelujah, sister.

"Everyday is a new adventure when you see it through your little ones eyes"

This was the quote attached to Holliday's Instagram post; "Monday's are a dread by all, sometimes even the self employed like myself. Now I find that the day's blur together of breastfeeding, sleeping when I can, tears of happiness (& sometimes fear), & no longer having a case of "The Monday's"... Because everyday is a new adventure when you see it through your little ones eyes." It's a sweet, non-judgmental reminder that yes, parenting is exhausting. But it's also amazing to get to see the world with fresh eyes again.

"It's hard to think of a time in my life before my son. I was young & didn't have a clue what I was doing, but like all mom's... We figure it out."

This might be one of my favorites. Because she's right: parenting isn't just about what you learn, it's what you and your kid learn together. You figure it out.

"Nursing while lusting over @ASOS is my new 3-5 am turn up. #momlife

I'm fairly certain online shopping was invented for three a.m. feedings.

"What is the obsession with moms in the spotlight & "bouncing back" after GIVING BIRTH?!"

This. Right here. And not just moms in the spotlight either. I'm pretty sure the "bouncing back" issue shouldn't really be a thing anymore. That's why we have leggings, folks.

"I look at this photo of my boys, (one missing) & know that a lot of my friends live in fear that moments like this may be ripped them because of the color of their skin."

Holliday is clearly nothing if not full of empathy.

"I just want him to grow up loving himself, to just be free to be himself. That would be the greatest goal in my life. My career's amazing, but if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have pushed myself as hard as I have."

If you've ever wondered why Tess Holliday is such a strong, outspoken activist for self-acceptance... I think she just explained it all right there. As she told People, she wants her sons to grow up loving themselves, and being free to be themselves. And after all of the breastfeeding and sleepless nights and temper tantrums in grocery stores; I bet that's what most parents want for their kids. To be allowed to love themselves, and be themselves.

Well said, Tess Holliday.