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In Defense Of Corinne From 'The Bachelor'

Corinne is a controversial figure on this season of The Bachelor. The other women competing alongside her are not fans, for the most part; they're confused by Corinne and resentful of the attention she gets, as well as the methods she uses to get that attention. Viewers at home seem to be caught between amusement and annoyance. She was dubbed a villain nearly as soon as the very first episode aired. But is Corinne really that bad? Once you start to break down the criticisms against her, the whole thing really starts to fall apart. And there are a few very big reasons Corinne from The Bachelor should be celebrated instead of criticized.

When a woman on TV becomes a lightning rod for negativity, it's worth exploring just why that is and seeing if it really has merit. Not everyone has to be liked, that much is certainly true, but women in the public eye (and just in general) often have to deal with unfair criticism for not behaving how people think they should. Corinne is definitely a character. Her claims of business acumen are iffy, she's sheltered enough to still have a nanny at 24 years old, and she's not entirely self-aware (for example, insisting that she has "no privilege").

But one of the main issues both the other contestants and the audience have with Corinne is that she's not "wife material," whatever that means. Corinne's sexuality should not be one of the reasons she's criticized, nor should being bold in her relationship with Nick — dating him is the very thing they're all trying to do, after all. So let's just take a moment and try to embrace Corinne's attributes and see them as actual virtues. For example...

1. Corinne Is Confident

Corinne is supremely self-assured. She knows who she is and what she wants, and she isn't afraid to go after it. But there are moments where her confidence falters, too, like during the Backstreet Boys concert. Those moments make Corinne seem more like a real person and not just a character constructed for the show. Everyone has their ups and downs — and so does Corinne.

2. She Can Bring The LOLs.

Whether this is on purpose or not remains undetermined, but it's basically a guarantee that something strange and hilarious is going to come out of Corinne's mouth every time the camera cuts to her. And even when she stays silent, her side-eye says it all.

3. She Knows How To Play The Game

Corinne knows how reality TV works and she's an expert at making it work for her. If her goal was to build herself a reality TV career, then she's accomplished it. She's sure to find a way to appear on TV long after her stint on The Bachelor is over; fingers crossed she finds her way onto the Real Housewives franchise. She would be perfect.

4. She Has A "Way" With "Words"

Corinne's vocabulary has become legendary. They're no longer just catchphrases; she could easily come up with a Corinne-tionary with all the terms she's churning out week by week. Corinne's uniques turns of phrase just add more humor to the show.

5. She Understands The Importance Of Sleep

When the other women brought their concerns to Corinne about her disrespectful napping, it did start to seem a little silly. It's not as if Corinne is hurting anyone; if anything, her sleeping might cause her to miss out on an opportunity or two. And there was a moment that wasn't dwelled upon where Corinne mentioned that she took a nap after having a panic attack. In that case, she's just taking care of herself, which is a good thing to do.

6. She Knows When Enough Is Enough

There is no person on earth worth cleaning up an ocean of cow poop for. Corinne should not be blamed for skipping out on that particular date. Are Nick's abs really worth being knee-deep in feces? No, they are not. All of the women should have staged a mutiny.

7. She Stands Up For Herself

Corinne has made some catty comments about the other women, but on the whole she hasn't really lashed out at anyone. She's not here to make friends, but up until recently she hasn't been here to make enemies, either. In fact, Corinne has only been responding to issues the other women have with her — and being able to stand up for herself is a good quality to have.

You may not love Corinne, but it doesn't hurt to try and see her good side.