7 Reasons Every Mom Needs A Mom Squad In Her Life

Not to sound like an inspirational fridge magnet or coffee mug, but friends are essential to life. We all need a group of compadres to keep us grounded, remind us that we're going to be OK, and to take on spontaneous Target trips. And the older I get, the more important those friendships become, especially with children in the picture. Because every mom needs a mom squad, and not just because they always have an extra packet of wipes for the day you forget yours.

I want to be sure I mention that being a mom doesn't mean all of your friends have to be moms, too. Some of my closest friends don't have children. But there is something incredibly special and powerful about the bond between mothers and it's what makes your mom squad so essential to your well being. Sure, you friend may understand that it's hard work taking care of a kid, but your mom squad are the ones fist pumping when you tell them that you managed to run the dishwasher and clean up the toys before passing out at 8 p.m. Your mom squad friends are the ones you text when it's 3:30 a.m. and your boobs hurt and there's nothing good on TV. Your mom squad? They are the ones showing up to take care of your kids while you're battling the flu on the couch. It doesn't matter where you meet them, how long you've known them, or what all else you have in common — you're all moms and that's a bond that can cement some really great friendships. So next time you think you can hack it on your own, remember these seven reasons why every mom needs a mom squad, and start hooking yours up immediately. (Hey, Gymboree class is a great place to start.)


They Tell You About The Lastest Recall

Look, when you have a mom squad, you have a great melting pot of incredible women who can enhance your life in some way. And one of those women? Well, she's the one texting you that there's been a massive recall on fruit snacks two seconds before you hand a pack for your five year old.


They Know The Value Of Wine

Friends understand your love of wine, but friends may think it's really old that you're tipping back the glasses at a 2 p.m. play date. But not your mom squad. Hell, they're probably the ones showing up with the bottle.


They Understand You're Busy

Nobody gets that you can't answer the phone on the first try like your other mom friends. And that's very best thing about a mom squad — they always understand. When you have to cancel girls' night because your kid has another damn ear infection or you have to move the restaurant plans to your own messy kitchen, they will always get it.


They Have Friends For Your Kids

Having a mom squad also means instant playmates for your children. Now they have someone other than you to talk about Doc McStuffins.


They Get That Ballet Class Is Boring AF Sometimes

You know the sancti-mommies that give you the side-eye for checking Facebook during your kids' ballet class? They're the ones running home to pen lengthy Facebook statuses about the "moms that let the precious moments fly by." Well your mom squad gets that sometimes watching your kid jump for the 800th time in a row is ridiculously boring and they'll be the first ones to text you an angry face emoji when soccer practice is rescheduled for 10 the next morning.


They Won't Judge You

You showed up to their house in dog hair-covered yoga pants, last night's makeup still on your face, and not a single sippy cup in your bag for your little ones. Other people might scoff or ridicule, but your mom squad pokes fun at you looking like hell, pours your kid a glass of milk, and moves on.


They Support You

Raising kids is hard work and having a support system of friends that will help you do it? Priceless. Your mom squad is there on the days you have the flu and your three year old has ballet rehearsal. They help cut up veggies and chicken nuggets when you're dealing with a work crisis. They'll offer to take your children for the night so you can spend a few consecutive hours with your partner and no dirty diapers. Having a mom squad means always having a village to help you with your babies, and who wouldn't want that?

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