7 Reasons Fall Is The Absolute Best Time Of Year To Have Kids

Not sure about you guys, but I received more than my fair share of comments about the timing of my pregnancy and birth. I discovered that I was pregnant in September and delivered in May, so one of the most common observations was how I’d miss being pregnant in the summer. Turns out (and unbeknownst to me, as a new mom) fall is the best time of the year to have kids. Who would have known, right?

Apparently, not having a child during the summer months was a real "win" for me (and for my partner, seeing as it would free him from the responsibility of delivering chilled snacks and ice cold drinks to me while I laid on the couch, sweating in air-conditioning and cursing the sun). Intuitively knowing which season was best when it came to having (and taking care of) kids wasn't really my thing, though. However, as an avid Fall-lover and connoisseur of all things Autumn, it's time for me to address the reasons why so many people were right: fall is the absolute best when it comes to having children.

I think it’s important to keep in mind that, despite the cold weather and sniffly noses (and where is my toddler’s damn coat?), it doesn't get any better than fall, and having little ones around just magnifies it’s undeniable awesomeness. No more obsessively stopping to apply sunscreen; no more drippy, sticky popsicles getting everywhere; no more skinned knees (not because he doesn’t trip in the fall, but because it’s too hot for shorts). Now that fall is finally and officially here, we’re able to appreciate indoors and outdoors. We’re able to dress in layers. Layers, you guy. I can enjoy hot coffee without breaking a sweat (if I can get to my coffee in the morning while simultaneously wrangling my child) and that’s only the beginning. Here’s the reasons why fall with kiddos is my favorite:

Sweater Season? You Mean Footie Pajamas/Hats With Ears/Baby Sweatpants Season.

One of the first things I bought for my (then unborn) child, was a white fluffy pair of pajamas with adorable little ears sewn onto a tiny little hood. It was the most adorable piece of clothing that has ever, or will ever, exist and my only regret is not buying it in every size 0-24m. Now that the weather is turning, my number one priority is staying vigilant with our laundry so we always have multiple pairs of comfortable (read: adorable) pajamas available for my kid (and yes, he does go to the grocery store in them). I consider it a gift to all fellow shoppers so, you know: you're welcome.

Halloween And Costumes And Candy

OK, technically my little guy is too young to appreciate the wonder that is Halloween, but that doesn’t mean his dad and I won't dress him up and appreciate his cuteness regardless. At this age, it’s more about taking adorable pictures of my kid in his tiny costume, than anything else.

All The Leaves

I’m glad that we finally have something new and colorful on the ground for my toddler to pick up and hand to me and jump in and sneak into our house and, well, you get the idea. Thanks, buddy.

All The Hot Coffee (That You Hopefully Get To Enjoy While It's Actually Hot)

The switch from iced to hot coffee is one that makes my soul feel like it’s wearing an oversized sweatshirt on a nice, rainy day. Of course, the fact that the coffee is now served warm doesn't mean you'll automatically get to enjoy it warm, but it's the thought that counts, right?

The Endless Blankets And Snuggles

Nerd alert: when I was a kid, one of my most favorite things to do in this world was put a blanket on a sleeping person. I’d constantly wake my mom up when she’d doze off on the couch with my enthusiastic attempt to keep her from getting chilled. I know, I am adorable.

However, I was also young and naïve. I had no idea of the all-consuming warm fuzzy feelings one felt when covering a sleeping baby with a blanket. It trumps everything.

Pumpkins, Because Duh

Is there a more universal symbol of fall than pumpkins? They give us an excuse to put on flannel, drive down some dirt roads, and trek through some crowded fields with our loved ones, all the while taking plenty of photos for Facebook. Pumpkin patch, you’re my favorite.

All That Positive, Back-To-School Energy

Even though my little is too young for school, the buzz that everyone can palpably feel this time of year is still impossible to miss. Plus, his dad teaches, so we live our lives on an academic calendar. There’s an electricity that comes every September, reminding me of football games, new backpacks, and pristine notebook pages waiting to be filled.

Plus, I’m one year closer to seeing my toddler start preschool.