7 Reasons The Kids' Table Is The Coolest Place To Be On Thanksgiving

As if the holiday season isn’t magical enough (for children and adults), the presence of a kids’ table can take it to the next level. At my grandparents’ house it was typically a brown card table strategically placed in between the dining room and the living room. My cousins, my brother and me would occupy said table, where we’d proceed to stuff our faces despite already being full from the crackers, cheese, dip, and other kid-friendly appetizers. So, it's safe to say that the kids' table is the coolest place to be on Thanksgiving Day (especially a post-election Thanksgiving Day, mind you).

There’s something that’s equal-parts magical and invigorating about being in the presence of children, especially when they're experiencing the holiday season. While some adults might decide to separate themselves from kids, essentially saying, "You do you. I'll be over here for the next 20 minutes, eating a fancy bird and drinking a fancy drink and having conversations that don't involve key characters from Sesame Street." Valid, and I think it's more than fair to take a break from parenthood (if only for a second), if you ask me.

However, I'd argue that surrounding yourself with kids by sitting down at their table during Thanksgiving, gives you this silent permission to go ahead and be a kid, too. I think having that permission, especially when parenthood is draining and adulting is getting you down and everything seems heavy, is pretty damn special. So, with that in mind, here's why I say you should spend time at the kids' table on Thanksgiving Day:

You Get The Low Down On The Cousin Gossip

Sure, you probably spent six hours leading up to the big meal watching parades and football, playing cards and chasing after pets and children, but when you sit at the kids' table you get the really good stuff: kid gossip. I'd say grab some popcorn, but your slice of turkey will do.

You Don't Have To Sit Through Boring Adult Conversations...

The only thing better than listening to kids say whatever they want, is not having to listen to adult conversations you don't want to hear. Updates on distant family members? Terrifying conversations about the news? Discussions about who will end up hosting Christmas? Yep, feel free to leave me out of it.

...That Will Probably Involve Politics

I mean, we're coming off the most unprecedented presidential campaign this country has ever seen, and people have some feelings about it (and rightfully so). Really and truly, do any of us think we're going to survive the holidays with our extended family members without suffering through some passionate political conversations?

My advice? If you want to avoid talking about politics, stick to the kid's table. The little ones won't (hopefully) have a clue what's been going on 

You Don't Have To Worry About Minding Your Manners

Sure, you can't go totally crazy (our holidays were food fight-free), but it’s also not as if anyone is going to mind if an elbow is on the table, either.

You Still Get To Enjoy All The Food, Duh

The very fact that the kids' table is in existence (usually) is because you're gather to celebrate an awesome holiday with a lot of people and a lot of food. You get to take said food away from the hustle and bustle of the "loading station" (or the main table) and simply enjoy the deliciousness that is that blessed meal. #Winning

You Get To Sit At A Special, Temporary Table. Like Camping.

The only time I can really sit at a card table while indoors, is during the holidays. Honestly, there's a magical vibe to it, like spending an afternoon in a fort you just built, and I think that magic is best shared with the kiddos of the group.

You Get Dinner And A Show

If nothing else, the kids table is usually positioned closer to the television, so you'll have that going for you. Enjoy.