7 Reasons Tina Belcher Is The Feminist Role Model Of 'Bob's Burgers'

By now you’re probably familiar with the Tina Belcher, feminist role model and the oldest child on Fox’s Bob’s Burgers. If you aren’t aware of Tina and her iconic status in pop culture, then allow me to be your guide. Her affinity for butts, Jimmy Jr.’s sweet dance moves, writing zbin, unicorns combined with how she just embraces her social awkwardness is one of the many reasons love and identify with Tina Belcher. She may not be the loudest in her family, but what she lacks in volume, she more than makes up for with sass and an abundance of girl power.

To be fair, Tina probably got most of her fierce, feminist personality from Linda Belcher, the world’s best mom. And the support of her eccentric brother Gene and mischievous little sister Louise only add to her power. From not being ashamed of her erotic friend fiction to embracing her alternative side in the Thunder Girls, Tina Belcher is totally a badass feminist. Though she may be a young fictional teen, there’s just something about the Belcher’s oldest daughter that has made her a fan favorite and role model for future feminist. Here are just some of the reasons that Tina is definitely a role model for feminism.


She Doesn't Follow The Crowd

Although some of her peers may be content to just listen to generic pop, Tina embraces her hardcore side. She also still has a place in her heart for boy band Boys 4 Now, so she understands a woman can have complex interests.


She’s Comfortable With Her Sexuality

Though Jimmy Jr. may be her first kiss and ultimate crush, she’s not tying herself down to just one guy yet. Tina is free to experiment and express her sexuality and doesn’t care who knows it.


She's Proud Of Who She Is

Not one to conform, Tina has always preferred thinking outside the box. Whether it’s taking up the new activity of practicing Capoeira, a Brazilian fighting art form, or trying out different looks, she follows her style instinct no matter what.


She's Independent

Something that has taken some people decades to realize, the young Tina already knows: you don’t need a boy to pay attention to you. Her teen heart may flutter when she sees a butt or two, but at the end of the day she is doing just fine on her own.


She Understands The Struggles Of Single Motherhood

It’s not easy being a mom, especially if you’re doing it on your own. Despite being a child herself, Tina seems to have a very mature and progressive knowledge about the challenges of being a single mom.


She Can Be Tough

The basis of feminism is all about gender equality and not confining people to binary, gender stereotypes. Though Tina may have many parts of her personality that are all girl, she can hold her own and be as tough as any guy.


She’s Inclusive

Besides equality for the genders, feminism also embraces people of all different orientations. Tina Belcher is clearly progressive and open-minded when it comes to sexuality and accepting others.

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