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7 Reasons Your Baby Is Crying That Have Nothing To Do With You

When your baby is crying it is totally normal to panic and wonder what you could have done. But since the universe is full of head-scratching mysteries, there are actually plenty of reasons your baby is crying that have nothing to do with you. Running on such little sleep with frazzled emotions, it can be easy to slip into the thought pattern that you're somehow a contributing factor to why your little one is showing off their amazing lung capacity. But more often than not, even the smallest and most benign things can be the cause for your infant's woes.

Now, until someone invents a working translator for babies, everything is still essentially a guessing game when it comes to deciphering your baby's sounds and signals. Thankfully, you don't have to be completely in the dark when trying to figure out what your newborn is trying to tell you with their ear-piercing screaming. Though everyone from your in-laws to complete strangers will tell you with the utmost confidence that they know the best parenting advice, your best bet is to trust your gut. But just in case you're curious, here are some legit reasons why your baby is crying and that it really doesn't have anything to do with you.


They're Bored

Believe it or not, even newborns can get bored. According to the medical experts at Baby Center, just like adults, some infants simply require more stimulation than others. So though your baby's cries may sound dire, it could be as simple as boredom.


They're Hungry

If you're breastfeeding, this one may have to do with you, but only slightly. As pediatrician Dr. Paul Horowitz told The Bump, hunger is one of the top reasons your baby is crying. Thankfully this is one you can easily verify and fix.


They're Sleepy

To an average adult, if you're sleepy, you just go to sleep. Not that hard, right? Well according to the experts at Parents, some babies haven't mastered the ability to fall asleep easily quite yet. You infant could be crying because they're cranky and tired and don't know how to remedy their situation. Thankfully this period usually doesn't last long.


They're Still Growing

Just because your bun is no longer in the oven doesn't mean it's entirely finished cooking. In an interview with The Baby Sleep Site, pediatrician and renowned sleep expert Dr. Harvey Karp said, "in the first three months of life, your newborn’s brain is developing rapidly and that can lead to lots of inconsolable crying." When you think about it, that's totally understandable. Wouldn't you be irritated if you were suddenly dropped into a whole new world and you had no clue what was happening?


They're Wet

Like snowflakes, no two babies are alike when it comes to temperament. For instance, my son couldn't have cared less if he had a wet diaper, but you'd think the world was ending if he didn't have his lovey to snuggle. Yet my best friend's daughter couldn't stand even the smallest amount of moisture and screamed to be changed constantly. Depending on your infant's personality, even the Mayo Clinic agrees, your baby could be crying because they don't like feeling wet. Again, this is an easy problem you can check and solve.


They're Too Hot Or Cold

Again, adults can take even the most basic things for granted. If you're feeling warm, you can lower the thermostat and if you're a bit chilly, you can toss on a hoodie. Babies don't really have the language or motor skills to do either. That's why, according to Baby Center's experts, a common reason your baby is crying is due to temperature. Just remember not to put your baby to bed with loose blankets or too much covering for safety reasons.


Just Because

You may not like this answer, and neither did I when my son's pediatrician (and many others) informed me that sometimes babies just cry. They can't talk, they're still figuring things out, and the only thing they really know how to do for attention is to cry. Maybe they're bored, or hungry, or testing their theory that crying makes Mommy magically appear, but the world may never truly know. Oh, the magical mysteries of being a baby.