7 'Riverdale' Halloween Costumes For Kids That Are Perfect For The Twilight Drive-In

One of the coolest new shows on television is the CW’s Riverdale. It’s a fresh, modern take on Archie Comics, and it’s quickly becoming a pop culture staple. With the backdrop of murder and mystery, it lends itself perfectly for Halloween inspiration, so why not have your little ones dress up as your favorite Riverdale characters? And if you need a little inspiration, there are plenty of Riverdale Halloween costumes for kids, whether your little one is a Betty, a Veronica, a Jughead, an Archie, or even a Josie.

The new series is darker than the comic books, and the characters are far more stylish than before. Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica and the others have layered, mature, and complex personalities, and it shows in their fashion choices. The best part of dressing like a Riverdale character this Halloween is that you may find everything you’re looking for in your kid’s closet, and each piece is totally reusable. So even if you have to head out to Target to pick up the pieces, at least you can fill your child's closet and create the ultimate Riverdale costume. Now all you need to figure out is which mysterious character your kid can channel best. (Make sure your sassiest child gets Veronica, OK?)


Archie Andrews

He’s the bravest, hottest, and sometimes most naive guy in Riverdale, and his look is pretty simple to get. All you would need is a navy cardigan ($15, The Children’s Place), t-shirt ($10, Old Navy), jeans ($8, The Children’s Place), and sneakers ($30, Nike). You can even add a blue and gold varsity jacket ($40, H&M) and carry a guitar to get that signature Archie look.


Veronica Lodge

Veronica is full of style and sass, and if that reminds you of your little one, you can easily put together this classic Veronica Lodge look. All you need is a peter pan collar dress ($30, Saks Fifth Avenue), black ankle booties ($20, H&M), an adorable kid’s handbag ($25, Amazon), and pearl drop necklace ($12, Amazon).


Betty Cooper

True to her nature, Betty Cooper of Riverdale is really sweet and the most loyal of friends. Her style is full of soft and feminine colors, so if your little one is a sweetheart, you’ll love this Betty look. For a classic, sweet Betty look, you can combine a girl’s white collared shirt ($13, Osh Kosh B’Gosh) and a pink cardigan ($10, The Children’s Place) with skinny jeans ($8, The Children’s Place), pointed flats ($19, Old Navy), and a pair of cute earrings ($16, Amazon).


Jughead Jones

Juggie is smart and brooding with a sarcastic sense of humor. If your little one reminds you of Jughead Jones, you can get this kid’s Jughead “S” shirt ($16, Cafe Press), and combine it with a boy’s sherpa denim jacket ($52, Gap) and boy’s brown pants ($12, Kohl’s). For girls, you can combine it with girl’s brown pants ($20, Abercrombie Kids) and a girl’s sherpa denim jacket ($39, Macy’s). To finish off the look, you can add a brown messenger bag ($25, Amazon), kids' brown boots ($29, Amazon), and a grey beanie ($12, Amazon).


Cheryl Blossom

One of the most complicated characters in Riverdale is Cheryl Blossom. She’s ruthless and unapologetic, but there’s a spark of good inside her, too. She definitely commands attention with her bold, red fashion choices. To get the look of this fierce river vixen, you can wear a red dress ($25, The Children’s Place), or a red turtleneck ($8, Carter’s), red plaid skirt ($18 , Kohl’s), a navy blazer ($33, Kohl’s), red flats ($15, Amazon), with a red lipstick ($17, Ulta) and her signature red spider brooch ($6, Amazon).


Josie McCoy

She’s the mayor's daughter, she has the soulful voice of an angel, and with her Pussycats by her side, she can rock the stage like no other. To get her rocking, meowing look you can combine a black leather jacket ($27, Amazon), leopard print shirt ($13, H&M), black jeans ($8, The Children’s Place), black boots ($21, The Children’s Place), a choker necklace ($12, Kohl's), her signature cat ears ($15, Amazon), and carry a microphone.


Kevin Keller

Kevin Keller is the sheriff’s son, and a loyal friend to Betty and the gang. His look is very preppy and simple, and super easy to throw together. All you need is a collared shirt ($15, Amazon), which you can layer under a sweater ($20, Old Navy) with khaki pants ($10, The Children’s Place), oxfords ($30, Amazon), and a messenger bag ($24, Amazon).

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