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7 Sex Positions For Capricorns

Horoscopes can, in theory, tell us a lot about ourselves: what's going on in our love life, our jobs, or with our finances. But rarely do horoscopes gives specific advice about what the various signs should do between the sheets. And why not?! If our signs can give us insight about our personalities, surely they can help us get our freak on. So I'm here to help out my fellow comrades born between December 21 and January because, yes, there are specific sex positions for Capricorns that can help us have more enjoyable sex.

The trait that defines a Capricorn more than probably any other is "ambitious." Capricorns aspire to greatness and have the work ethic to achieve their goals. This pragmatic, sensible earth-sign tends to be quite traditional. They may not be warm and cuddly — even with the people they love the most — but they treasure their close relationships. You won't see them spending time with a lot of people outside of their family (with whom they have super-close bonds), which makes the people they do invest their time all the more precious to them. And if you're someone they're sexually interested in, take heart: a Capricorn's libido will never be an issue. What do you expect from a sign symbolized by a goat, nature's horniest animal! (Did I mention we Capricorns are fond of really dorky dad jokes?)

In the bedroom, a Capricorn is often similarly traditional — you're probably not going to find a 50 Shades of Grey-style pleasure room or a casual sex swing in the living room (leave that to the more experimental Aquarius). But they take sex seriously (mainly because they take everything seriously), and they have the endurance to make it seriously enjoyable for everyone involved.

Of course, when it comes to sex, any position you enjoy is the best position for you, but here are some that might ring a Capricorn's bells:


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Capricorns are all about tradition and routine, and some people may mistakenly consider that boring... just as they mistakenly think of missionary position as boring. But I say some things are classics for a reason, people!

Capricorns aren't boring! They just appreciate that which is tried and true. And missionary isn't boring, either! It's the little black dress of the sex world — it may not be exciting, but it's an excellent go-to look and there's rarely a bad time for it. Sure, the kinkier, more athletic positions one finds in the Kama Sutra are fun, but let's be real: you're always going to come home to missionary at some point.


Capricorn women are boss b*tches, people. Like, real take-charge types. Sure, they're great at delegating, which is part of what makes them amazing leaders, but they know that sometimes if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. Cowgirl, of course, lets a woman control the angle and depth of penetration and, of course, gives her partner a truly magnificent view.

(On that note, be sure to say something nice about how hot they look, because Capricorns can be a little insecure sometimes and could stand some praise and validation.)

Reverse Cowgirl

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There are a few reasons this position will speak to a Capricorn. For one, it's a hot position, and, like traditional cowgirl, it allows the person on top to control the action. But it's not an especially romantic position — romance isn't unimportant to a Capricorn, but they don't always need it with their sex. (I feel like you could never pull a reverse cowgirl on a Pisces, who'd be all like, "OMG! Why are you not looking at me?! IS IT BECAUSE YOU HATE ME?!")

This position is a great way for "I can have it all" Capricorns to multitask. Sure, you're having sex with your partner (and giving their partner the gift of looking at their butt), but what they don't see is you on your phone, firing off a few quick work emails. Because, let's face it, another way Capricorns get off is slaying in their professional life.

Seated Oral

That is to say, with the Capricorn receiving oral while seated. Because this position strikes me as a kind of power pose, and not only do Capricorns enjoy positions of power, they like being recognized and appreciated for the fact that they are in a position of power. (And is there a better demonstration of appreciation than receiving enthusiastic oral sex while sitting back and relaxing?)

Tied Up

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Maybe, after a long day of crushing it at the office and then being the grounding, steady presence in their family's life, a Capricorn would appreciate a safe, loving outlet where they can not only be a bit naughtier than usual, but have someone else call the shots. As many folks in the BDSM community will tell you, there can be tremendous empowerment and pleasure in surrender and ceding control. Capricorns could really benefit from shaking it up a bit.

(Of course, all partners are always in control of what's happening to their bodies in all situations — bondage play should always be discussed in advance and have established safe words for when things need to be renegotiated in the moment. Before you tie someone up or ask someone to tie you up, be sure you've researched how to do so safely.)

Seated Face-To-Face

This position is nothing terribly fancy, but it keeps this earth sign hunkered down in its element and is extremely intimate. Actually, it's sort of a good metaphor for a Capricorn.

Again, this level of intimacy may not be something a Capricorn is down for in a casual hook-up, but with a long-term partner, a position that allows for this kind of closeness is very much their speed.

Paired Masturbating

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Capricorns are all about efficiency and, sometimes, the most efficient way of getting off is taking matters into your own hands.

And by "matters," of course, I mean "genitals."

Masturbating next and/or in front of your partner, either manually or with a toy, is something some people may shy away from. Capricorns themselves may find themselves a wee bit self-conscious, and, indeed, would probably never consider doing this with a casual partner. But when a Capricorn is in a committed relationship (which is not entered into lightly, since Capricorns not only look at things in the long-term with a mind on legacy, but are also they're picky AF) that bond is tight. So tight, in fact, that a Capricorn will be able to be open enough to say, "Hey, wanna just cuddle up and masturbate next to each other?"