7 Sex Positions For Pisces, Because You Live For The Romance

Pisces, the twelfth and last sign of the Zodiac, is the starry-eyed dreamer of astrology. Caring, sensitive, nurturing, intuitive, and artistic, Pisces are born romantics who have an almost spiritual need to connect with their partner on every level, including sexually. So what are the best sex positions for a Pisces? These fishies are going to need a sexual outlet that allow them to express closeness and creativity at the same time.

Pisces have a tendency to fall hard and fast, according to YourTango, but lose interest just as easily when reality doesn't match their vivid fantasy of who a person is. In fact, it may take some time to really get a Pisces to warm up to someone: they're very friendly and always helpful, but they can be a bit solitary and shy and are likely to harbor a crush for a while. But once a Pisces makes their way into someone's life (and bedroom), this sign's emotional intuition and giving nature make them great sexual partners. Just make sure you're giving them the same level of energy. Because they themselves are so good at reading a person's emotional wants and needs, they don't realize that other people aren't and can sometimes expect their partners to be mind-readers. In other words, it's good for them to be paired with excellent communicators.

Here are some sex positions that will allow Pisces to express their true nature:

Sensual Massage

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OK, not strictly speaking a sex move (though I guess it can be if you want to go ahead and give it a happy ending), but setting the right mood is important to a Pisces. Aromatic oils, candles, flower petals, and soft music (Pisces are incredibly musical, according to Vice astrologer Danny Larkin, what with their being ruled by Neptune and all) will help establish the kind of intimacy and romance that is not only important but essential if a spiritual, sensitive Pisces is going to have the kind of encounter they want.

Getting the right energy is crucial for this sign. Their giving nature means they have no trouble being the one to give the massage, but giving them one will show that their partner understands what's important to them.


This sign isn't terribly athletic (they're artists!), so don't expect anything too rigorous from a Pisces (though, as a mutable sign, according to, they're generally flexible if not physically so, and will probably be up for trying anything once for a little while).

Spooning is low physical energy, but can create the kind of emotional energy that suits a sign that just wants to be nurtured and protected as they nurture and protect everyone else. This position creates wonderful physical and emotional closeness.


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So, you know lotus pose in yoga? This is like that, but with genital contact! Basically one partner sits "criss-cross applesauce" on a firm surface while the other does the same, only with their legs and arms wrapped around the bottom, penetrating partner. This is a great position for maintaining intimate eye contact and encourage lots of kissing and caressing, which a Pisces will love, since they seek out a romantic love, according to


In this position, the receiving partner lies on their back, maybe with a pillow propping up their pelvis, while the giving partner stands, holding the lying partners' legs against their chest. This provides the opportunity for deep penetration and also some deep gazing into one another's eyes... plus it's sexy AF. This position is also energy-saving — you don't have to put in a whole lot of physical effort to get some emotional (or physical) payoff.

In The Shower

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Like all water signs, Pisces get energy from being physically in or near water, according to Now, I'll be the first to admit that, more often than not, shower sex is a bit overrated. See also hot tub sex, pool sex, beach sex (so much sand in so many places).

But a Pisces is going to be one of the most likely signs to make this work because they'll be so enthusiastic about it!

Role Play

Remember when I said Pisces were creative and had a deep fantasy/dream life? This serves them extremely well when it comes to sexual role play. So bring on the costumes and/or dirty talk! This sign tends to be submissive, because of their giving nature, but don't be surprised if role play provides an outlet for them to unleash their dominant side. (Half the fun may be regularly mixing it up and not knowing exactly where the evening will take you!)

Side-Lying 69

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It's chill, it's super intimate (this sign will love the physical closeness, as noted by, and it's a great way for a Pisces to feel like they're getting the same kind of energy they're giving, which this sign will appreciate, because they give a lot. And honestly, I've always felt that a great way to let someone know "I appreciate you and all you give" is some mutually enjoyable oral sex. right, ladies?!