You Can Handle These 7 Sex Positions Even At 40 Weeks Pregnant

By the time you're 40 weeks pregnant, chances are you're both more than ready to meet your baby and starting to feel super impatient with being pregnant. If you're looking for a distraction, or simply looking to soak up the last little bit of alone time with your partner before your family expands, sex just might be the answer. There are quite a few sex positions for when you're 40 weeks pregnant that will help to make sure your bump doesn't get in the way during sexy time.

Many moms swear that having sex helps induce labor, so that might be more than enough reason to hit the sheets for someone who's ready to pop. The anecdotal evidence may not be backed up by science, however; as BabyCenter's U.K. site noted: There's no proven link between sex and starting labor. But giving it a try can't hurt (plus, who knows when you'll get a chance to get busy once you and your partner are sleep-deprived new parents). The Mayo Clinic noted that vaginal sex is safe for most pregnant women, unless their doctor has already vetoed it.

Here are seven positions to try for one last roll in the hay before your bundle of joy arrives (and keep in your arsenal for later, too).



Having sex in the spooning position is a great option at 40 weeks. As you lay on your side, your partner lays behind you. Sex therapist Kat Van Kirk told The Bump that spooning pregnancy sex takes pressure off your bump and your bladder, making the experience much more enjoyable.



If you prefer to be face-to-face with your partner, trying lying side by side while still facing each other. Parents noted that this is another sex position that takes pressure of your pregnant belly, while also letting you control how your partner thrusts.



Getting on top also lets you take control during third trimester sex, according to BabyCenter. You won't have to worry about your partner accidentally squishing your bump or thrusting a little too deeply in the cowgirl position, because you're in charge of the action.


Reverse Cowgirl

There's more than one way to get on top, so why not change things up a little? Reverse cowgirl (being on top while facing away from your partner) has the same pressure-relieving benefits as cowgirl, according to Prevention.


Doggy Style

Your belly won't be an issue if you're on all fours and your partner is standing behind you. However, as Brides warned, you might want to take it slowly at first during doggy style pregnancy sex to make sure your partner doesn't penetrate you too deeply.



Have your partner sit crossed leg on a bed, couch, or the floor, and hop into their lap. Now you're in the lotus position, which Refinery29 said should be both comfortable and romantic.


On The Edge

You might want to think beyond the bedroom for pregnancy sex, according to Women's Health. The magazine suggested easing yourself onto a countertop or table to give your partner easy access for penetration.