9 Awkward Things That Might Happen During Pregnancy Sex, But Shouldn't Ruin The Moment

Sex and pregnancy pretty much go hand-in-hand, right? You need sex to get pregnant, but pregnancy sex is not everyone’s favorite thing. As if sex itself wasn’t weird enough between the mashed up bodies, dirty talk, and unidentifiable fluids, there are a number of additional awkward things that might happen during pregnancy sex. You not only have a new, cumbersome shape, but hey, there’s now another human in on the action. Except they’re just hanging in your uterus while you get busy. And let me tell you, realizing that is just one of the awkward things about pregnancy sex.

Keep in mind, pregnancy sex is still totally worth it. Your orgasms may be mind-blowing thanks to the extra sensitivity down there, and you may feel an added intimacy. If you’re feeling frisky and have the OK from your doctor, then there’s no reason you can’t get it on during pregnancy.  But be aware that the awkwardness of sex may hit an all time high once you have a womb mate. Instead of flipping into new positions on a whim and lasting for hours, you might have to prop yourself up with some pillows and have a quickie so you can get back to your much-needed sleep. To better prepare you for the perils of pregnancy sex, I rounded up nine awkward events that might happen to you during pregnancy sex. It won’t make it less awkward, but it will help you prepare for the worst.


Your Baby Kicks

Just when things start heating up and you’re on the brink of an orgasm, your baby may say hi with a swift kick. Consider this preparation for all the ways your little one will interrupt sex in the future.


You Have To Pee

Certain positions might make you feel like you have to pee anyway, but add in a heavy uterus resting on your bladder and the situation becomes dire.


You Start Lactating

Sex comes with enough fluids, do we really have to add breast milk to the sheets? Your body’s gearing up to make milk for the baby, so it’s very likely that your boobs may leak and release some everywhere. Try to keep a towel nearby to dry up any potential leakage.


Your Belly Gets In The Way

You haven’t seen your feet in weeks thanks to your swollen belly, and now you’re trying to get it on. Chances are, you’re going to have to play around with a few positions and find one that works for you and your tummy.


You Fart

Pregnancy is a total gas fest. Farts are bound to happen during sex, especially with all of the thrusting and movements. Try not to let it get you down too much.


You Fantasize About Food

Maybe this was just me, but don’t be surprised if your pregnancy cravings get the best of you when you’re between the sheets. Try to stave off the hunger and reward yourself with a post-sex treat.


You Fall Asleep

Pregnancy wears a woman out to the point where you’re fall asleep on the couch within seconds of sitting down. So if you find yourself in bed with the lights off, there’s a good chance you’ll fall asleep to the sound of dirty talk.


Everything Starts Aching

And I don’t mean things start aching because of the sex. I mean they start aching because you’re pregnant and your body has gone through so much. One position means your hips are sore, another means your arms are going numb, and a third means your back is basically screaming out in pain.


You Fumble Around Like You’re 15

Remember those early years of sex when you were just fumbling and checking in on your partner every few seconds? Well, that’s about to happen again. Every position is awkward and every movement your SO makes will send them into a panic that the baby is in danger. If you work through it, then that’s great. But if you decide it’s too much work and want to cuddle instead, then more power to you.

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