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7 Sex Positions That Are Easier After Having A Baby

One the best parts to having a baby, is the fun that can be had while making it. But now that you have a little one demanding your attention around the clock, getting it on isn't the same as it used to be (at least not at first, anyway). Since you're still allowing your body time to recover, it's a good idea to keep things simple in the bedroom for a while. To keep the romance alive, stick to sex positions that are easier after having a baby. Because, when you want to get it on, doing it the easy way is better than not doing it at all.

Don't be misled — just because a sex position is easy, doesn't mean it can't be super satisfying. It just means that you'll be able to get your O and still have time to pump a few ounces of breastmilk. It may not be the steamy hour long power sessions you and your partner were used to pre-baby, but in a world of nighttime feedings and constant diaper changes, keeping things simple is a welcomed relief.

Don't sacrifice good sex because it might seem like too much work, stick to these seven sex positions that are easier after having a baby that will give you all the thrills without having to do the splits.


Have A Ball

There's nothing a new mom loves more than some good multitasking. And the good news is there's even a sex position that can do double duty. It's called Having A Ball, and instead of putting a mattress under your back, you recline over an exercise ball to get it on, according to Women's Health magazine.


Woman On Top

Nothing puts you in control better than any of the variations on the classic Woman On Top position. Cosmopolitan noted that this gives you the ability to gauge penetration depth and consider any sensitivities you may be experiencing after child birth.


Prop It Up

If you want to add a little spice to missionary without overdoing the aerobics, use a pillow to prop up your back for a different angle. As Redbook magazine reminded, this prop should go under your sacrum and not your bottom for best results.



For a super chill position that still delivers the goods, turn to a spooning position for an easy postpartum sex. This is especially good on those nights when you are exhausted, but you still want some action, because you can fall asleep right after.


Side Of Bed

Sometimes what works best during pregnancy, can work after delivery as well. As Fit Pregnancy magazine suggested, the Side Of bed position lets you prop your feet up on the side of the bed while resting on your back. This is like missionary, but with no pressure on your belly, which may still be recovering from delivery.


Doggy Style

For women who had a C-section, doggy style is a great option, according to Fitness magazine. Since you are on all fours, there is no pressure on your stomach or incisions to cause discomfort.


Power Up

Think of this on as missionary on battery power. If you only have time for a quickie in between baby feedings, make the most of your booty sesh with a sex toy that's meant to be worn — hands free — during sex.