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7 Sex Reveals That Prove You're A Basic Pregnant Woman

There's no limit to what a basic woman can and will do in the name on staying, well, basic. Typically a trend follower, she'll sometimes turn to peers for validation while sipping on that seasonal pumpkin spice latte and enjoying a pair of comfortable leggings. Let me be clear: there's nothing wrong with being basic. It's not a crime to enjoy mainstream trends. Hell, I'm a proud basic mom, and knew I would be way before I had my daughter. In fact, there are more than a few gender reveals that prove you're a basic pregnant woman, and I managed to, somehow, incorporate all of them.

To be honest, I have mixed emotions about gender reveal parties. I understand that some soon-to-be parents want an exciting, unique, and festive way to tell loved ones the sex of their baby. And hey, to each their own. In fact, I had hoped for a certain gender during each of my pregnancies, and did, in fact, experience a little gender disappointment. After a few days, though, I realized I was being ridiculous. My children are two of the best things to ever happen to me, regardless of their genders. So, in the end, gender really doesn't matter. If the baby and mom are healthy, that's all that's truly important, right?

So if hosting a party that divulges your baby's gender in a big, celebratory way is your thing, here's some of the types of parties that prove you're, well, a little basic. I say own it, mom. After all, you get pumpkin spice lattes and leggings when you join our club.

Balloons In A Box

Probably the most common (read: basic) gender reveal incorporates the use of pink or blue balloons inside an otherwise unremarkable box. When opened, they fly up and out, telling the whole world what you're having. If you're lucky, whoever was in charge of the balloon part won't ruin the reveal by putting every color in the rainbow inside.

(Then again, that's actually an awesome idea. Screw gender stereotypes.)

Pink Or Blue Cake

There's a lot of variations on the gender reveal cake. You can have the actual cake inside the frosting colored blue or pink, or, for a more advanced pastry reveal, put a bunch of blue or pink candies in the center so they cascade out when the cake is cut open. It doesn't matter how you do it, though: it's all basic. You'll either eat pink or blue because, well, that's just how it's done.

Casting Votes

Some expectant mothers do this thing where party-goers guess the gender of her unborn child by casting a "vote." It could be on the invitation to the party, or during the party itself. The votes are tallied before the gender is revealed, crowning the baby either future prince or princess and celebrating the individuals who guessed correctly.

A Confetti Push-Pop

If you're a basic pregnant woman who loves to clean up a huge mess after a party, you'll likely do the confetti push-pop situation. Basically it's a little cannon propelled by your hand that ends up pushing the blue or pink confetti everywhere. Your guests will either cheer for the reveal or be super annoyed by all the little pieces of paper they have to pick from their hair.

He/She Chocolate Bars

If you're clever and basic (a wild combination if there ever was one), your gender reveal might include a customized Hershey's chocolate bar. The wrapper will either say HersHEy or HerSHEy (get it?!) telling everyone what's up. However basic, at least there's chocolate involved so, you know, I'm totally in.

Hit The Piñata Or Pop The Balloon

Whatever you hit or pop, filling the insides of a balloon or piñata with pink or blue confetti is another "I'm basic" flag more than a few pregnant women fly.

Sibling Reveal

To be the most basic pregnant woman you can be, you need to already have at least one child who can do the reveal for you. There's a lot of different ways to incorporate the soon-to-be big sibling, so let your imagination be your guide. If you don't already have a child to spill the blue or pink beans, I've seen pets share the same news, too. Basic knows no bounds so, again and in all seriousness, own it. In fact, post it on Instagram and use all the hashtags.

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