7 Sex Toys To Give You The Most Mind-Blowing Orgasms Each & Every Time

Are your orgasms lackluster? Are your sex toys uninteresting? It might be time to overhaul your sexy toy box. If you’re looking to have mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, make-you-shake orgasms, you’ll need some spectacular toys. The best sex toys for orgam are probably different for everyone, but there are some toys that are universally known to cause mindblowing Os.

Orgasms are notoriously tricky for people with vaginas, but not because they’re necessarily hard to have. It’s more likely that you just haven’t figured out exactly what pushes your buttons yet. And once you do, it’ll work like magic. A great way to get there is by bringing in some assistance in the form of sex toys designed specifically with pleasure in mind.

Taking your climaxes to the next level can be as simple as finding the right accompaniment. Whether you prefer G-spot stimulation (or if you’ve never had real G-spot stimulation, it’s a good idea to give it a try — you just may discover the secret to toe-curling orgasms you’ve been searching for your whole life) or clitoral sensations, there’s a toy out there just for you. Regardless of your budget, you can find something that works for your wallet and your body.

Here are some of the very best toys out there, sure to take your orgasms from just OK to A-mazing.


Njoy Pure Wand

Another list, another plug for the Njoy Pure Wand ($73.50). If you don’t own one yet, you should rectify that. It provides G-spot stimulation so intense that you never knew that kind of sensation was possible, thanks to the stainless steel it’s made from. If you’re a disbeliever in squirting, this might change your mind. Just be sure to put some towels under you before you use it.

Njoy Pure Wand, $73.50, Amazon


Wahl All Body Massager

I don’t care what this is supposed to be for, it is a vibrator as far as I’m concerned. It is also the best vibrator I’ve ever used in my life. Strong enough to knock down walls, this two-speed vibe is my go-to — let’s be real, though. It’s the only thing I use. Plus, you can buy the Wahl All Body Massager ($29.99) on Amazon for cheap. Once you try this baby, you’ll never go back.

Wahl All Body Massager, $29.99, Amazon


Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable

Now you can enjoy the strength of the original Hitachi without being tethered to an outlet. The rechargeable Magic Wand ($124.95) has four-and-a-half hours of run time and is sure to get you off hard and fast. If the price is too steep, the original model ($54.95) is still a great option.

Rechargeable Magic Wand, $124.95, Babeland

Original Magic Wand, $54.95, Babeland


Blueberry Buzz

The Blueberry Buzz ($24) is waterproof and inexpensive and , which is great if you’re on a budget. The hard plastic exterior carries vibration well, and you can insert it if you’re into that, though it’s perfectly acceptable to just use it for clitorial stimulation.

Blueberry Buzz, $24, Babeland


The Womanizer

I know, the name is enough to make you turn your nose up but hear me out. Sex bloggers everywhere, determined to hate the toy, actually think it’s pretty great. The Womanizer ($189) has a unique kind of stimulation that’s unlike any other toy on the market. It’s strong and similar to suction, but different also. For an experience that’s one-of-a-kind, The Womanizer is where it’s at.

The Womanizer, $189, Babeland


G-Curve Dildo

If vibration isn’t your thing but you’re into G-spot stimulation, the G-Curve ($68) is a fantastic choice. It has a very pronounced curve that’s perfect for hitting the spot and it’s made from nonporous, body safe silicone. Oh, yeah.

The G-Curve Dildo, $68, Babeland


Lelo Soraya

If you have a boatload of money to drop on a vibrator, the Lelo Soraya ($119) is a good option. It’s dual stimulation, for both internal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously. It’s rechargeable and made from body safe material as well. It’s a luxury vibrator at its finest, which means it can get you off.

Lelo Soraya Vibrator, $119, Amazon

Images: kimli/Flickr