Erotic Things You Should *Definitely* Do For A Breastfeeding Mom This V-Day

Valentine's Day is supposed to be the most romantic, sexiest day of the year. That may be true most years, but if your partner is breastfeeding, it's possible she's not feeling as sexy as you'd like her to. Unfortunately, if your partner also felt this way during her pregnancy and was reluctant to have sex, you may be pretty frustrated by the dry spell. Not to mention that her swollen bosom could be a real turn on for you. Don't give up hope as there are sexy things to do for breastfeeding moms on Valentine's Day that you may both benefit from.

When a nursing mom spends all day with a tiny human who is constantly sucking on her boobs or pulling at them, she might not want her partner doing the same. So as counterintuitive as it is, you're probably better off keeping you hands to yourself unless invited. While you might be tempted to ask her to take care of you, don't. Let her sleep. (Of course if she offers, then yay for you.)

Gifts are always sexy, not always in the "I want to have sex with you tonight" zone but in the "it feels so good to get a present" zone, so never be afraid to buy a nursing mother a little something to pamper her.

With the knowledge that this day could be hit or miss, it's certainly worth a try. If you do these things there's no guarantee you'll be rewarded with Valentine's Day sex, but the goodwill it generates may get stored up so that when she's finally ready, willing, able, and awake, she'll remember how darn sexy you were.


Bring Her Water

If most Valentine's Day are filled with champagne or red wine, it's water for her this year. Since the minute a baby latches on a breastfeeding mom gets thirsty, if you see her nursing without a glass of water by her side but want to be extra romantic, fill up a champagne flute with some refreshing cold water and bring it over to her.


Give Her A Foot Rub

Starting with an innocent "I'm doing this for you" foot rub may wind up leading to other things... or it could lead to her falling asleep. Sorry about that.


Be In Charge Of The Birth Control

Because the last Valentine's Day "present" she wants is to get pregnant again. If you get lucky this Valentine's Day, take the lead on this one. There's a half-myth that nursing moms can't get pregnant if they haven't gotten their period yet. Wrong. Since she's probably not on any estrogen-containing birth control while nursing, it would be really sexy if you could take care of the contraception on your end.


Turn The Baby Monitor Off

If you are looking to get lucky and you find that she's willing and into it, the last thing you need to interrupt you is the sound of your baby crying. This will lead to leaky breasts and be guaranteed to spoil the mood.


Cook A Really Big Dinner

I mean really big. Like, eating-for-two big. Because making milk takes a lot of nutrition and nursing moms are ravenous.


Buy Her Chocolates

Fenugreek Chocolate Bars ($24, Mrs. Patel's)

You look like you're doing the traditional Valentine's Day chocolate thing, but you're secretly helping her milk supply with these chocolate bars that contain fenugreek, an herb known to help increase milk supply.


Draw Her A Bubble Bath

And then leave her alone to enjoy it. Yeah, in other years you would have climbed in right next to her but this year, take the baby for a half hour and let her just relax amidst the bubbles. Bonus points for flowers and candles, but really, the main point is to give her some alone time.

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