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7 Signs Your Kid Is Going To Grow Up To Be Your Very Best Friend

My son and I have been close since I discovered I was pregnant with him. OK, maybe it wasn't exactly that early, but it sure felt like it. I endured miscarriages, infertility issues, and a complete loss in faith before I held him in my arms, so it was like he resurrected me. It's been almost six years since I met him for the very first time, and since then I've noticed a few of those tell-tale signs your kid is going to grow up to be your very best friend. We share a special connection and, if you notice a few of the following signs between you and your little one, too, it's safe to say you're in the same boat.

Because of my previous miscarriages, my son is considered a rainbow baby and, as a result, holds a special place in my heart. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my almost-11-year-old daughter, my firstborn, with all that I am, but we're definitely close in different ways. Right now she's experiencing her most trying phase to-date (pre-puberty), so we don't exactly understand one another. That makes it tricky to be a friend instead of, you know, her mother. So when it comes to my daughter, I hope we'll be close someday, but there are too many variables — too many complexities within our existing relationship — that still need worked out before that happens.

With my son, though, it's never been anything but simple. He dotes on me, abides by every rule, doesn't argue, and is generally pleasant to be around. He's also quiet and slightly reserved, which makes him very much like his mother. Maybe it'll all change when he, too, gets into those teen years, but for now we're pretty much best buds. No matter what happens between now and then, though, I'm convinced we'll end up the best of friends. If you can say yes to more than a few of the following signs, I think it's safe to say you'll be best friends with your mini-me, too:

Your Communication Is Excellent

My son talks to me about everything. And while my daughter has her moments of wanting to have what we call "snuggle chats," she's going through a time where she appreciates her space. As a mom who wants to talk about the hard things, it's difficult to take a step back and follow her lead. So far, my son is always ready and willing to chat whenever, wherever, and I have feeling we'll continuing fostering open lines of communication in the future.

Your Kid Isn't Afraid To Come To You With Anything

Maybe it has to do with his age, or his disposition, but right now my son will talk to me about anything and everything. Nothing is off limits (although, I must admit that most of our conversations end with some sort of a "butt" jokes). I foresee our relationship being a close one when he's older, too.

Your Kid Values Your Opinion

When my boy has a question about something, I'm the first person he asks. While my daughter has certainly asked for my opinion, too, she's not really quick to either care or, well, follow my advice. She's strong-willed and always knows what she wants. I admire this about her, to be sure, but at times it's made me feel unnecessary. If she and I are friends later in life, our relationship will be one where she doesn't come to me for advice, but for me to simply listen.

My son, on the other hand, truly values what I have to say. If we're friends later in life, I know he'll come to me seeking counsel and asking me to point him in the right direction.

Your Kid Will Always Try To Protect You

It's my job to protect my kids, of course, but if my son senses I'm in danger, you'd better watch out. He was born with this protection trait and I'm — along with whomever he chooses to spend his life with, I'm sure — thankful for that. It gives me hope when I think about my senior years, knowing he'll have the compassion to ensure I'm cared for.

Your Kid Loves Spending Time With You

I don't always get to be the "fun one" with my kids. As a work-from-home mom, I'm with them all the time, so they often get the heavy-handed chore-monster version of me, instead of the "Sure, go ahead and have another chocolate bar" mom. I'm the parent who doles out rules, responsibilities, and punishments. That, my friends, isn't always fun.

But when I do get to be playful and spend time with my children as the "chill" parent, I get a glimpse of our future relationships. The ones where we're sitting around a big dinner table with their partners and, maybe and only if they want and/or are able to, children. One where we can enjoy one another and laugh and love — not just as mother and son, but as friends.

You Get Along Even When You Set Boundaries

My son has rules he's supposed to follow and, for the most part, he follows them without complaint. It's a fine line between being a parent and being a friend, and I think we're straddling it pretty well so far. I mean, he doesn't seem to hate me (yet)!

Your Kid Tells You So

If you asked my son who his best friend, girlfriend, or favorite person is, it's me — hands down. No matter if he's dating, in a relationship, married with children, whatever, I hope he'll always see me as that special woman in his life. And maybe, if I'm lucky, my daughter will, too.

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